Planning a Move to a New City: Checklist, Dos and Don’ts

Planning a Move to a New City: Checklist, Dos and Don’ts

Relocation can be a pretty bundle of business, if you do not plan it properly. Doing relocation you have to get a plan. It will assist you go hassle free and even enjoy it.

1.        Get a calendar and set the terms

Of course, it all depends on how much cram you have to relocate. If it’s just a few boxes, then no worries, but if you have a house to move… Well, pull yourself up out of your easy chair and go shopping for a calendar.

It’s time to create moving agenda. Mark the date at least three months preceding the moving day. It works similarly to the wedding planning. You break down the period you have left into smaller chunks and chunk down the assignments. Then you match them up and obtain your moving agenda ready!

2.        Pick your relocation method

There are many to pick from. You may make an order in a moving company to do your loading, unloading, driving and packing for you. Or you may do it in a DIY fashion, hire a truck and drive yourself and your belongings over to the new location. You can move by buss, etc.

The key issues are how much cash you are able to invest in the relocation from city to city and how much time you have for the process.

3.        Get the packing materials

If you start soon enough, you can find lots of freebies. Go online and check out the forums. Someone who has just moved in might be looking to dispose of those boxes or packing peanuts. They would be happy if you could come over and pick them up for free or for a trifle of their cost.

Also check out the department stores, construction markets or special packing services. They may have tons of boxes for free giveaways. Let your friends know you are relocating and bid them to get some boxes for you.  

4.        Make a list

You need to decide what to move and what to leave behind. Make a list of stuff to give away or donate. List the stuff to throw away and master up the nerve to go ahead and do it! Make the list of belongings you are not currently using. These can be the first ones to get jam-packed and put away.

5.        Start packing

You need not to put it away till the last moment. Remember that list of stuff you are not using? Get it out and start right away. Mark your boxes accordingly, so you would know they have to be packed the first and unpacked the last.

As you may see, these relocation tips can help you structure the process. Break it down into smaller stages and handle it in a stress free fashion. Of course, this is just the basic outline and there are more great tips to make the journey easy and enjoyable for you. 

3 Dos and Don’ts from a Relocation Experts

Relocation is not an easy task. In fact, moving can be pretty complicated, if you do not know the things to do and things to avoid. Our experts share with you the top 3 things they do or don’t while doing their job. 


1.Leave the boxes open

Do not rush to seal all the boxes as soon as they get stuffed with things. Leave them open. Later on you may regroup items to save space and make the most out of your packing supplies. 

2.Use clothes to pack breakables 

You can use your socks to pack away the cups and other clothing to wrap around the plates and other breakables. You may complement them with paper towels to lay them between the plates. This way nothing gets broken. 

3.Plan ahead of time

Take your time and actually write down and map out your moving plan. Then you get just a few troubles along the way and avoid massive hassle. 


1.Don’t pack bottles or food breakables in your clothes

This is pretty obvious and still many people do it. If a bottle gets broken, you do not just lose its contents, but you ruin your wearables as well. 

2.Don’t water your plants before the move 

Yes, plants need water, but if you water them prior to move, the soil gets messy. You may use hydro gel to keep them moist. 

3.Don’t get obsessed with fancy labeling

Labeling is important, but you get overdo with it. Do not waste your time on too much of it. Just pack similar stuff together and go from room to room. 

These pieces of expert advice on relocation will help you to move in an expert style: well-planned, hassle free and easy!

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