How to calculate average moving cost

How to calculate average moving cost

Though not everyone agrees with the point that money is everything, when it comes to moving, this quote is absolutely truthful. If you do not have enough cash in your pocket, there is hardly any opportunity to relocate from one home to another without stress. Why is moving connected with expenses? It is predictable since you need to order services of movers which are quite costly and cover many other bills too. 

One of the main questions to rack the brains of the person who is going to move is how to find out the cost of the relocation in this exact case. In fact, there are three ways to do that:

  1. Do it yourself

One of the most painstaking and the least accurate ways of calculating the moving cost is to try to solve this puzzle yourself. It means that a person should make a thorough research to find out all the stages of the relocation and tasks to be completed during them as well as learn their average cost in several companies to find an average one. After that, these funds must be summarized to get an approximate total cost of the move. It often happens that such calculations differ greatly from the real expenses required and are not worth your time and effort at all. They may be compared with repairing when people need to add 20% to the total cost of the process to be more exact. 

  1. Use a moving calculator

One of the most effective and fastest ways to find out the cost of relocation is to use a moving calculator. There are many different websites offering this service online for free, but it is necessary to remember that each of them is not perfect and can tell you only an approximate result too. Usually, users are asked to provide the following information to calculate the cost of your move:

  • Mileage;
  • How big is your home moved (usually the number of rooms);
  • Additional information (necessity of storage, type of insurance, packing, the presence of elevator, etc).

As you can see, the moving cost provided by the calculator does not include meals, hotel rooms, tickets, etc. It works on the basis of information provided by moving companies and suggests the average price for moving belongings only. Therefore, it is important to remember that it covers not all moving points required. 

  1. Order a free estimate

The last variant of calculating the moving cost from A to B point is considered to be the most accurate one, though it also involves only services of moving companies and all the extra expenses must be considered by a person who moves.

There are moving companies like the one you can find on this website offering potential clients to send a company representative to their home and make an estimate of things to be moved. Moreover, some estimates are considered final and cannot be changed if you do not increase or decrease the weight and volume of cargo moved. Consequently, you get an estimate made by the professional and find out the cost of your move without putting extra effort. Experts advise turning to several companies for an estimate to compare their rates and prevent cheating clients. Also, it is important to ensure what type of estimate is made by the company, what is included there, and if it can be changed by the company. 

Factors to impact the moving cost

If you decide to try calculating the cost of your move yourself, be ready to face some challenges. You should know multiple moving details to be able to create a certain picture as well as decide which services you are going to order and which ones lie on your own shoulders. In fact, you need to have answers at least the following questions:

  • What is your relocation distance?
  • What is your relocation type?
  • Do you need packing or/and supplies services?
  • Do you order loading and/or transportation services?
  • Will you need additional services such as unpacking, storage, cleaning, etc.?

However, it is not enough to answer them if you are not planning to hire movers, you should also learn the cost of every service ordered to be able to calculate the total amount. 

If you plan to turn to a moving company for assistance, you can calculate the average cost of your move using two simple methods offered above. At the same time, you should also be aware of the factors that can change your moving costs. They look as follows:

  • Travel fee;
  • Volume and weight of freight;
  • Packing services;
  • Moving additions;
  • Storage and supplies;
  • Truck access;
  • Date of the move;
  • Number of floors and elevator availability;
  • Liability and valuation. 

These factors may impact the final moving cost in both cases: if you apply for a moving quote request or plan your relocation yourself. Therefore, you should always have at least 20% of the total moving cost in store for any unpredictable situation. 

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