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Best Hiking Boots – 8 Evergreen Choices For Men Women & Kids

Raise your hands if you love shoes! ...raises both hands way up high.

If you’ve heard the saying, “Good shoes take you to good places,” and have made this an excuse to buy a new have a problem. Totally kidding! I, myself, am guilty. I believe in investing in a pair of best hiking shoes because our feet carry us every single day. They deserve to get all the love and comfort.

When I found out I was going to try out some of the shoes, I was ecstatic. Today, I am going to share with you my top 8 best hiking boots that will surely make the experience worthwhile.

Best Hiking Shoes of 2018 : Top Picks By Our Reviewers

Merrell Men's Moab 2 VENT

Best for Warm Climate

merrell men's mid hiking boot
  • check
    EVA midsole 
  • check
    Very breathable 
  • check
    Blended EVA contoured footbed

Rated by: Vanessa

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge

Best in Style

columbia women's newton ridge plus hiking boot
  • check
    Comes in fashionable style and colors 
  • check
    Light and breathable 
  • check
    Techlite Cushioning Midsole 

Rated by: Vanessa

Hi-Tec Men's  Altitude IV

Best for Cold Climate

hi-tec men's hiking boot
  • check
    Made of waterproof full-grain leather 
  • check
    Removable footbeds 
  • check
    Complete seam-sealing 

Rated by: Vanessa

1. XIANG GUAN Men's Outdoor Trekking Boots

Quick Summary

xiang guan trekking hiking boots

Rated by: Vanessa

XIANG GUAN Men's Outdoor High-Top Waterproof Trekking Hiking Boots is made of mercerized suede calfskin, making it silky to the touch, but not easy to deform.

It also has a Nano shock absorber as an insole made of Hi-poly material, which makes the boots damping and cushioning.

The sole is made of high quality TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes the boots resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion.

It also has a protective rubber overlay for toe cap and heel guarantee safety.

Upon wearing them, I noticed that they are comfortable and light. I tried stepping on significantly-sized gravel and rocks, but I did not feel them through the bottom of the shoe. I also like that I can stand in them for hours and wear them like slippers. It also has a great grip which ensures safe and steady hikes. However, it is not that waterproof.


  • It is light and comfortable.
  • It has Nano shock absorber.
  • It has great grip.


  • It is not that waterproof.
  • Some people say their usual sizes are too small for them.

2. Columbia Women's Newton-Ridge Plus Boot

Quick Summary

columbia women's newton plus boot

Rated by: Vanessa

The Columbia Women's Newton-Ridge Plus Boot is probably my favorite pair of Hiking boots on this roster in terms of style. It looks so badass!

This pair is made of full-grain leather and mesh and the soles are made of rubber. It also features Omnishield water and stain resistant treatment and compression-molded EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam midsole.

It has a triangular D-ring and clamshell lacing, Omnigrip lugged outsole and Techlite Cushioning midsole. One thing I noticed though is the laces are too short.

The Columbia Women's Ridge Plus Boot is comfortable upon fitting them. This is because the insoles feature cushioning. Despite this, they are one of the best lightweight hiking shoes and give good support for the arch.

However, the material on the front is not that soft and you may experience blistering on the first wear. It needs some breaking-in. I don’t mind because such is the case for almost every other shoe there is. If you are looking for hiking quality boots that can also pass off for casual wear, this is the right pair for you.


  • It gives great arch support.
  • It is stylish.
  • It has insole cushioning.


  • It needs breaking in.
  • The laces are short.
  • The top of the shoe creases and digs into the toe.

3. Merrell Men's Moab 2-Vent Hikers Boot

Quick Summary

merrell men's mid hiking boot

Rated by: Vanessa

Okay, so fun fact: For Merrell, MOAB actually means something - mother of all boots. Makes a strong impression, huh?

The Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot is made of performance suede leather and mesh upper. It has bellows tongue made of closed cell-foam to keep moisture and debris out.

I totally benefit from this because I am that kind of person that always ends up something in my shoe, like pebbles (Don’t ask me how, I have no idea too).

It has a protective rubber toe cap, so you can kiss stubbed toes goodbye.

These over-the-ankle boots also boast of the Merrell M Select™ FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch and heel support which is a technology only offered my Merrell. Together with that, it also a molded nylon arch shank. Just like the Columbia Women's Newton-Ridge Plus Hiking Boot, it also has EVA-midsole that promotes stability and comfort.

However, the Merrell Men's Moab Mid Boot is only suited for dry, desert-like environments as it has no waterproof liner of any type. I only recommend it for day hikers and casual backpackers that will stay in warm and dry climates.


  • It is cushioned and comfortable.
  • It is a good fit for those have wide feet.
  • t is very breathable.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • It does not have enough support for long or heavy backpacking trips.

4. Manfen Women's Mid-Rise Waterproof Boot

Quick Summary

manfen women's mid-rise waterproof boot

Rated by: Vanessa

The Manfen Women's Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot is made of rubber. Its shaft measures approximately 8 inches from the arch. It has a warm function that will surely protect yours from the cold.

However, this pair is smaller than the usual sizing, so you might want to get a size bigger than what you normally buy. It has a synthetic upper with toecap protection and a TPU backstay with Snowshoe Strap Ridge.

Okay, so I was not sure what a backstay is, so I decided to look it up just in case you guys don’t know it, too. A backstay is a short strip of material that connects the quarters down the back of the shoe. 

In the case of Manfen Women's Mid-Rise Water proof Hiking Shoes, it is made of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane. This style comes in with 200 grams of Thinsulate Insulation, comfort range to -30C. It is also waterproof, yet breathable because of its membrance lining.

I tried wearing it in a relatively warm weather and I found it a little stuffy on my feet. I strongly recommend the Manfen Women's Mid-Rise Waterproof Boot for the cold or wet climate.


  • It guarantees protection from cold weather.
  • It is waterproof.
  • List Element


  • It may not be comfortable to wear in warm weather.

5. Northside Caldera Junior Hiking Boot

Quick Summary

northside caldera junior boot

Rated by: Vanessa

Who says hiking is just for adults? The Northside Caldera Junior Boot makes it possible for your little ones to tag along in your next hiking trip or if they are simply energetic kids that like looking like the big boys who wear rugged outside hikers, this pair is the right one for you.

The Northside Caldera Junior Hiking Boot is made of suede and textile. The soles are made of TPR and give nice traction and grip for different kinds of terrain.

The shaft measures approximately 3.5 inches from the arch. This pair is perfect for summer hikes because it has breathable upper with good ankle support. 

It also has a molded midsole with heel stabilizer and PVC mudguard which make sure that your kids’ feet are firmly planted on the ground and adds sturdiness and luxury. The laces are also made of sturdy lacing hardware that guarantees lengthy-lasting efficiency.

The Northside Caldera Junior Boot also features a heel loop which makes it easy to put on and take off. It is perfect for kids who are always on-the-go and want to keep up with the big boys.


  • It is perfect for summer wear.
  • It is comfortable and breathable.
  • It has lengthy and sturdy laces.


  • Its sizes may be a little small than your usual size.

6. Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Waterproof Hikers Boot

Quick Summary

hi-tec men's boot

Rated by: Vanessa

The Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Waterproof Boot is made of nubuck. Nubuck is top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, making a velvet-like surface. It is resistant to wear.

Because of this material, this pair is made of waterproof full grain leather ensuring durability, flexibility, and breathability for long-lasting comfort.

The Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Waterproof Boot also features complete seam-sealing, gusseted tongues, and rustproof hardware, so you are sure that no matter the weather or environment, your pair will remain stainless.

It also has textile linings that absorb excess sweat and dries up quickly.

Upon wearing the Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Water proof Hiking Shoes, I immediately noticed how my feet feel protected. I love how it is made of thermoplastic heel and has toe counters to protect feet from bumps. This is so useful, especially for a clumsy person like me.

I also appreciate that the foot beds are removable (which means they can be cleaned) and they add cushioning to the compression-molded EVA mid-soles. EVA Mid-soles are common in hiking boots and provide all-day comfort and feature steel shanks to enhance torsional support. For someone who is prone to trips, I really loved the grip on this pair whatever the surface may be.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It gives plenty of support.
  • It does not need to be broken in.


  • It can be heavy for some
  • Some may not find it as breathable as fabric.

7. Nevados Women's Klondike Waterproof Boot

Quick Summary

nevados women's boot

Rated by: Vanessa

The Nevados Women's Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boot is made of suede leather and fabric. It has a rubber sole and the shaft measures approximately 5 inches from the arch.

It is also comprised of nylon mesh upper that features a waterproof bootie construction. Just like the Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Waterproof Boot, it also has a molded EVA mid-sole. The additional features of this pair are the brushed nylon sock liner and carbon rubber cup sole.

What I appreciate most about the Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Waterproof Boot is the support and feeling of sturdiness they give my feet.

As I’ve said earlier, I have flat feet, so I am sensitive when it comes to feet support. However, I noticed that they have a tendency to rub at first. The eyelets are made of metal and I think that gives the extra well-made aura.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It gives great feet support.
  • It is sturdy and looks nice enough to be worn casually.


  • It tends to rub at first.
  • It can be a little heavy after a while.
  • It may be a little wide for some people.

8. Merrell Capra Mid M-Select Hiking Boot

Quick Summary

merrell capra boot

Rated by: Vanessa

The Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is the second pair in this list for kids. It is made of leather and has rubber soles.

The shaft measures approximately 4.5 inches from the arch. It also has the signature Merrell technology, the M-Select Dry Bootie Waterproof construction, which uses the moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet cool and dry. It also has suede and mesh upper for durability and breathability.

The Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Boot also features molded nylon arch shank that gives great support, while keeping your feet comfortable.

As you know, kids can get rowdy and dirty, so this pair’s removable footbed will make it easy for parents to wash it.

The Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Boot also prides itself with the M-Select Grip rubber outsole, which delivers durable, highly slip-resistant stability on both wet and dry grounds, over mixed terrains. With this pair, you are confident that your child is secure no matter the surface he is walking on.


  • It has M-Select Dry Waterproof technology.
  • It has M-Select Grip technology.
  • It gives great support without sacrificing comfort.


  • The laces have to be double-knotted.
  • It may be a little narrow for kids with wide feet.

Things to Think of Before Buying Hiking Boots

1. Where Are You Headed?

When buying a pair of hiking boots, you have to know where you are going to use them. Are you going to hike in well-kept trails? Then low to mid-cut hiking boots will work just fine for you. They are lightweight and comfortable and will not take up too much room in your backpack. Are you headed somewhere rainy or heavy backpacking? You may want some high-cut boots that offer excellent ankle support and make carrying heavier loads more comfortable on the feet. They will also last you many, many hikes.

2. How Heavy Are the Boots?

There is a saying among hikers that goes “One pound on the foot equals five on the back.” the weight of your boots is so important because this will direct the quality and experience you will gain in your hike. This feature varies from one user to another; what’s heavy for me may not be heavy for you, so it is really up to the wearer decide this.

3. To Waterproof or Not to Waterproof?

Hiking in snow or rainy weather conditions exposes our feet to wetness. Water in our boots can cause problems like odor build-up and blisters. It is generally uncomfortable. Waterproof materials and treatment allow our feet to breathe and let water or sweat escape.

4. Is There Enough Arch Support?

For me, this feature is crucial because I have flat feet and walking for a long period of time makes my feet ache. The support of arch prevents this from happening, saving me (and other flat-footed folks) from a lot of pain.

5. Be Materialistic

Material in hiking boots is of utmost importance. If you wear the wrong material, it can make your feet feel hot, constricted, and cramped. You have to know which material you prefer. Here are the most common kinds of material:

Synthetics: The usual materials in this category are nylon and polyester. They are easy to break in, light, and dry faster when wet. However, they are less water-resistant.

Split-grain leather: This kind of leather is often made with half leather half synthetics. It is still very breathable, but not as water resistant as full grain leather. Its durability, sadly, is also on the lower end.

Full grain leather: Most mountaineering boots are made with this material. It is very durable, perfect for rigorous hikers that will traverse unpredictable terrain. However, it is less breathable and very heavy.

If Given a Chance, I Would Wear…

...the Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot.

Made of full-grain leather, this pair is covered Omnishield Water and Stain Resistant Treatment. For someone who always trips and is generally clumsy, the rubber soles give excellent grip. The EVA mid-sole provides nice support for because as I have repeatedly mentioned, I am flat-footed. To make this pair more comfortable, Techlite Cushioning midsole is also used.

columbia women's newton ridge plus hiking boot

As a cherry on top, the Columbia Women's Newton Plus Boot is the most badass looking pair. I love that I can use it daily for work or to stroll around at the mall and even in days when I want to be adventurous or for quick getaways, where I will not be subject to wet terrains or extreme weather condition. If you are looking for a pair of boots for the same purpose, I highly recommend the Columbia Women's Ridge Plus Hiking Shoe.