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50I’ve been thinking about starting this for almost a year now. I’ve gone back and forth, mostly because I don’t really want to own a “mailing list” and I’m not sure how else to describe it. I guess I don’t think of this as an email list, but as a community. My Virtual Tribe. I hope you’ll be a part of it.

This will be an informal email list of family, friends and supporters. I’ll send out occasional (monthly or less) email updates on how we’re doing, where we are, and cool things we’ve seen.

I’m looking for quality correspondence. I’m looking for people from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds I can learn from and share my own ideas with. Ideally it would be more of a penpalship than an email list, expect you’re welcome to respond or not.

I’d also like to use this group as a sounding board for some of my ideas. Maybe get some feedback from anyone moved to reply. I’m happy to correspond with anyone on the list if you’ll just be patient. I have a wifi connection maybe once or twice a month and I’m not sure how many people will write back.

Basically, I’m looking to build a more intimate community of supporters than what I currently have on social media. My social media is growing, guys! I think that’s amazing, but unfortunately it means I can’t know everyone following me on Facebook. I’d also like to spend a lot less time online without missing out on some of you (yes, YOU!).

This group will also be the first to know when there’s a new book of mine for sale, or if there’s anyone I’m looking to hire. In the past two years I’ve paid for the services of editors, translators, musicians, artists, graphic designers, publishers, audiobook narrators, and more. I anticipate more of this in my future. I normally use Facebook to find people to hire, but I wouldn’t mind having a more intimate network to draw talent from. Location is not an issue.

You’ll also get first dibs on interview opportunities, free review copies, info about possible meetups with us, and any other benefits that come my way.

If any of this interests you in the least, I would love to have you on my Virtual Tribe! Just send your email to I’ve got some great stuff coming up that I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to tell you more.

Again, some of what you can expect:

  • Updates on whether or not we’re still alive
  • Awesome or funny stories about our travels
  • Where you can meet us and when
  • Possible job opportunities for editors and artists
  • Any new books/audiobooks I’ve put out (you’ll be the first to know!)
  • Thoughts I’m thunking about future projects that are too premature for social media/blogging
  • People I am looking to interview for future projects/books
  • Info on any giveaways I’m hosting (race entries, books, etc)
  • Updates on our dog Ginger’s health (age 15 human, age 100+ dog, but she thinks she’s human)

While I expect the majority of this list will be made up of known friends and family, I hope to also snag people with different values and lifestyles who can help challenge and expand my perspectives (respectfully, of course).

See you on The Twitter.

Regretfully Awkward,

Vanessa Runs


Email and let me know you’re in!

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