Day 47 Aug 17th – Day off in Toronto , Fun times seeing friends

Supor stoked that Jup Brown got to meet and spend two days at my stepmom’s house in Toronto. Thanks for hanging with my sisters, Jup! I had written them all about Jup and Pat on the Run With Us America Transcon. It’s awesome to see they got to put a face to a name. Keep pedaling!

Jup's Adventures

A day off and I was happy to be sleeping in and having a cruisey lazy morning planned, I got the chores done and had another shower haha got to when I can aye.

I then headed out and into Toronto city to get my new business cards that I had ordered a week ago. The last few days all the people I met I couldn’t give them a card and I always feel like it could be a lost chance or someone I cant reconnect with at some time .

I also made a new friend in Staples called Olga who is from Russia, Awesome to meet you Olga.

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Then I just crusied around and took some photos, Got some food and checked out some shops. Then I was off to met Lauren

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Lauren Jawno is from South Africa and I got to meet her around 2 yrs…

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