Capitol Reef Ultra Adventures Trailer


This month we had the honor of attending the Capitol Reef races with Ultra Adventures, the brain-child of Race Director Matt Gunn. Matt is also known for races like Zion 100 and Bryce 100. Distances included half marathon, 50K, 50 mile, and 100 mile.

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Matt is the most innovative race director I know, with two major concepts that set his events apart. First and most importantly is his Zero Waste policy which includes recycling, compost toilets, and solar power–plus more. It is an environmental responsibility that all races should be embracing. You can read more about Zero Waste here.

The second innovation is the Race Trifectas, designed to motivate runners to explore their surroundings. Matt is passionate about sharing trails above and beyond the race course. If you do any of Matt’s local Trifecta challenges in the days leading up to the race or after the event, that translates into entry discounts. Matt chooses his courses and trifectas based on scenery that will blow your mind.

I also appreciate Matt’s variety of distances. You can run everything from a half marathon to 100 miles, opening up his events to aspiring ultrarunners or trail newbies as well as the experienced and elite. The finisher medals and buckles are always hand-made.

All of Matt’s races are stunning and high. Expect elevation and climbing. These races may not get you a PR, but they do offer a beautiful and challenging experience that will test the limits of your endurance.

Events run throughout the year. Check out the next one at

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