Bike Ride Across Canada with Jup Brown and The 100 Mile Club

“This is the most I have ever ridden a bike.” – Jup Brown

Well there’s an understatement.

A few weeks ago Jup Brown and Pat Sweeney finished their run across the USA. In a stunning display of grueling stubbornness, Jup managed to catch up to Pat who was miles ahead and they finished together in Boston, MA.

A few days after that our friends with Race Across USA finished their Transcon in front of the White House in Washington DC. While everyone went home, recovered and relaxed, Jup Brown decided it would be cool to continue on a bike, going east and up to Canada, then biking back to California across Canada.

At first I thought he was joking.

I mean… Jup is not a biker. I guess he’s not a runner either. But he sure as hell is an adventurer and this was bound to be a good one.

In a matter of days, Jup pulled some sponsors together and he’s not now on the road again starting another epic journey with his friend Tim.

Sadly, we are not around to crew him this time around but will be following closely and posting updates from his blog. I strongly urge you to follow and meet up with him if you can—this guy is awesome.

What I love most about Jup is his willingness to do anything and go anywhere regardless of training or experience of knowledge. Prep and training is all well and good, but in the end what we really need is just the balls to go after what we want.


Can you help Jup out with food / lodging / shower / speaking opportunities? Contact him on his blog (link below) or Facebook page. As always, he is raising money for The 100 Mile Club.

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Jup's Adventures

We were up and had a big breakie then headed to Two roads for it was time to ride. I had only done 2 rides in the last year if not more and I knew I was in for some pain. I did a 50 mile ride in Steamboat Springs 2 weekends ago and then a fun MTB ride with Tony and Briar there too , a total of around 6 hours training, Haha I was in trouble aye. But when you put your mind to something that is the last thing you think about you just try and do it. It will work out. Well I think so and believe you should too.

Day 27Day 29

We were a little late and headed out after a few photos from the Two Roads car park, The Adventure of riding across Canada had started.

Now to tell you what we are doing as I…

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