Media Coverage, Severe Weather Warnings, and New Focus

Woke up this morning to some wonderful media links covering our exploits!

Jup Brown’s coverage on the local news in the Delta:

Direct YouTube link.

And Patrick Sweeney’s awesome podcast interview with Ten Junk Miles.


Pat had a 40+ mile day yesterday with only one storm passing through. He sat in the RV for about 20 minutes until the downpour passed and the sun came out again.

We’ve been skirting some severe weather warnings, so the plan today is to stay close to Pat and throw him in the RV if the weather turns. Today there’s a high winds advisory in our area.

We’ll be stopping near Columbia, TN and we’ll be just south of Nashville in two days!

In the next few days Pat will be changing focus and pace. We’ll focus on primarily running and covering as many miles as possible in a day, roughly estimating around 40-50 miles daily.

I always knew Pat was a talented athlete but it has been amazing to watch him transform into an even stronger and more reliable machine. Our bodies are mind-blowingly amazing, friends. Never doubt what your body can do.

Jup's Adventures

Got up at 6am, ate and packed up my stuff to get on the road by 7. The sun is raising a bit earlier now so good to get out there early and get a few miles  done before the heat. I aren’t breaking any records in the speed area so good to have a extra hour. As you can see the skies were magic again.

Day 22

A really nice road today with trees and heaps of water around , Started on route 64 then changed to the 100 which was less traffic but a little narrower. The cars and trucks are pretty good so as long as I keep a eye on them coming I just take what room I need for the buggy.

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Just around Lunch time I decided to chill out for a bit and took he shoes and socks off. To good of a day not…

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