Day 69/70, Went back to Dallas to get some gear

We’re not sure if Pat is getting more attention because he’s alone, because he’s running with no shoes and shirtless, or because of Southern hospitality, but several people stopped their cars to speak to him and offer him food or clothes. It was funny but also very comforting and sweet. It was a beautiful day and I got some bike miles in, but it got rainy and cold near the end.

After the run we went out for coffee and wifi and then we hit up Po’ Monkey’s, a shack-turned-blues-joint. Here’s is Shacky’s Shacktoid about it:

Shacktoid – Merigold, MS
Willie “Po’ Monkey” Seaberry opened a juke joint at his home in this location in 1963. Seaberry (b. 1941) worked as a farmer and operated the club, where he continued to live, at night. By the 1990s Po’ Monkey’s was attracting a mixed crowd of locals as well as college students from Delta State University and blues aficionados in search of “authentic” juke joints.

The rural juke joint played an integral role in the development of the blues, offering a distinctly secular space for people to socialize, dance, and forget their everyday troubles. While many such jukes once dotted the cotton fields of the Delta countryside, Po’ Monkey’s was one of the relatively few to survive into the 21st century.

We plotted our course through Tennessee as well. It’s the same course, but Pat will be running roughly 35-40 miles each day. Yesterday he ran 34 (stopped a little early due to rain and cold).

Here is our schedule. We hope you can join us! We are still looking for lodging for Pat, schools to speak at, media, and one mail drop hopefully around Nashville. As always, we want people to join us for a few miles.

1-Apr Henderson, TN
2-Apr Linden, TN
3-Apr Wrigley, TN
4-Apr Nashville, TN
5-Apr Nashville, TN
6-Apr Lebanon, TN
7-Apr Cookeville, TN
8-Apr Clarkrange, TN
9-Apr Wartburg, TN
10-Apr Knoxville, TN
11-Apr Knoxville, TN
12-Apr Morristown, TN
13-Apr Surgoinsville, TN
14-Apr Bristol, TN

We’ve got a lot going on and excited to forge ahead! Jup is back on the road today too, a couple days behind us. Be sure to check out his blog below as well.


Jup's Adventures

Well after a lot of thinking I decided I would go alone from now on, I have been struggling a bit with how slow I’m going and how much I have been making Pat wait. He has never said he wants to go faster and is always sweet with my pace but just knowing what he can do and in my eyes should go do made me come to this decision. The man can run and run fast.  I so want to keep going with him, Shacky and Vanessa as we had so much fun everyday but I feel that this will be better. We still have a long ways to go and I think this run is a little more than just running for me, I think I’m here this time to just get it done and in a slower cruiser way. So thats why I had to let…

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