Day 56- Overcast with a little mist, Hamstring, Texas BBQ & ribs

Well the journey continues as we pull into Sulphur Springs, Texas today. Tomorrow is a much-needed rest day (for me). This terrible weather is starting to get me down. So far we’ve had snow, freezing rain, and regular rain in Texas. I’ve been fighting a cold for a couple of days now so Shacky has taken on full crew duties. I don’t dare touch any runner food in case I’m contagious. So mostly Ginger, Kitty and I have been hanging indoors, drinking tea, eating garlic, and reading books. It’s not a bad life, but I’m ready for some sunshine, running and biking. COME ON, TEXAS SUN!

I did manage to finalize a route through Arkansas and Mississippi. We’re breaking off from the predetermined course we were on and doing our own thing. I’m excited we’ll be going through Memphis and Nashville. I’ve got a cowboy hat but I need me some cowboy boots!

Can you join us in the next few weeks?

18-Mar Magnolia, AR
19-Mar Magnolia, AR
20-Mar El Dorado, AR
21-Mar El Dorado, AR
22-Mar Crossett, AR
23-Mar Lake Village, AR

24-Mar Greenville, MS
25-Mar Cleveland, MS
26-Mar Clarksdale, MS
27-Mar Helena-West Helena, AR
28-Mar Walls, MS

29-Mar Memphis, TN
30-Mar Memphis, TN
31-Mar Memphis, TN

Jup's Adventures

The goal was Greenville some 29.8miles away from Rockwall and we were on route 66 all day. Not much shoulder for a start but not heaps of traffic and rolling hills with lots of farms all day long. We both started well and were moving nicely.

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Then I had a little problem pop up again, My left hamstring decided it wanted to give me trouble again. Not sure why or what upset it but it came in strong. I slowed straight away so I wouldn’t push it. I thought straight away that I would have to walk the rest of the day which I was a little sad as we had a shorter day already and was keen to chill in the hotel when we finished. Never mind at least I could move forward aye.

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We past though a lot of small towns and this one cow had the longest…

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