Day 47 – Aspermont, Rule School and finished in Haskell

Runners Jup Brown (New Zealand) and Patrick Sweeney (California) are crossing the USA on foot to raise money and awareness for the 100 Mile Club charity:

They began running in Huntington Beach on January 16th and plan to finish in New York this summer. They have already covered more than 40 50Ks on foot…more than the entire length of New Zealand! And they aren’t even halfway there.

They are also taking time to stop and speak to children in schools or churches along the way about the importance of staying active and healthy. The last school they visited was in Rule, Texas.

The runners are:

Patrick Sweeney:

Jup Brown:

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Jup's Adventures

A warmer morning today which was nice and it warmed up a bit more later too, so much that Pat had his top off for a bit. Foggy at start when we went though Aspermont but then slowly got better.

I love this old abandoned house but not sure about this Flea market , check out whats for sale and in what order haha Texas style.  The views changed through out the day which was nice and roads not as straight as I thought they would be out here. Lots more farms,cows and horses out this way and also lots of cotton farms which go for as far as you can see. The cotton is so soft like you buy it in the shop. not sure what they do to it but judging by the feel its not much.

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A few more shots from todays run.

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Running along the roads…

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