Day 31 – The slowest feeling day ever for me but still made it with a smile.

For one month now I have been struggling with how to write about the larger-than-life experience of crewing for this running adventure across the USA for the 100 Mile Club. Everything in our daily routine has changed, and I have changed too.

I have been gathering notes and over the past few weeks and I already have enough material about this journey to write another book. In the meantime, Jup Brown has been faithfully blogging about every single day on the road and I am honored to put his words here on my page too.

The word I keep coming back to on this journey is COMMUNITY. Of all the amazing things we can and have accomplished physically, we do nothing on our own. We need each other.

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Jup's Adventures

Hi everyone, Hope all is great with you. Today was pretty hard for me, I had no energy at all for the first 34kms. Not sure why but was super low in energy even though body was moving good. These days pop up from time to time and I’m lucky on this run as I have Pat right beside me, He sings songs and chats away to me with some crazy stories and makes me laugh all the time. Then our crew is there at our breaks with smiles a million so no way I can be tired.       It was a magic place to start from today from the huge discs in the back ground. Quick bit of one legged yoga for me and pat and off we went.

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It was sunny start with a tail wind which was nice and after that we were pretty much…

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