No entry into HR. So what’s a girl to do?

My friend Lynette McDougal and fellow Ultra Adventures Ambassador will be attempting to complete all 7 of the UA 100-mile races in one year! WOW! Here’s her plan.

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Running Adventures of a Trail Brat

Running through slot canyons in Antelope CanyonFourth year of applying to HR and still no golden ticket. Oh well, fortunately there are a lot of other trails to conquer and Mr. Matt Gunn has made my Plan B a lot more realistic. Instead of Running amongst the monuments of Monument Valleyworking to tackle the Rocky Mountain Grand Slam in 2015, I will…drum roll…complete all seven of the Ultra Adventures 100 mile races. This involves completing one race a month from February through August on some pretty spectacular trails located in southern Utah/northernArizona.

The race schedule is as follows:

Running along the Kaibab PlateauThanks to Matt…

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