Please, Don’t Burn The Bacon: A Collection of Essays & Paleo Recipes (Book Review)

This book is best enjoyed with a hearty side of bacon.

Author Crista Scott has cooked up something special in her new book, containing more than 75 bacon recipes and mouth-watering photography by Michelle Evans.

Crista has just released an e-preview of her cookbook to give you a taste of what’s to come. I was thrilled (and hungry) to scroll through her original creations.

Crista gets a direct and unlimited pass to my heart with her BAKED AVOCADO WITH EGGS AND BACON recipe, while nailing the complex sweet and salty combo with her DARK CHOCOLATE CHIP AND BACON COOKIES. (OMG!!!)

See for yourself:


Is there anything more inspiring than a perfectly cooked slice of bacon?

You can purchase ten teaser recipes yourself for a minimum payment of $3 via Paypal at HERE (insanely reasonable and so worth it!).

This is just a small example of the dishes to come in the expanded version of Please, Don’t Burn The Bacon: A Collection of Essays & Paleo Recipes. Expect more awesomeness in hard copy.

About The Author & Photographer 

Crista Scott is a writer, health coach and foodie with a not-so-secret obsession with bacon and cooking. She is also a recent graduate, receiving her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She hopes to pursue her Ph.D and continue to research flow and well-being. In her free time she likes to trail run, crochet owls, do yoga, and create new recipes in the kitchen.

Crista blogs full time at and She believes that the mind and body are connected and living a balanced life includes a healthy (and delicious!) diet.

Follow her on Instagram @CristaScott
Twitter: @Crista_Scott

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to e-mail her at

You can also find Michelle Evans’ Flickr account HERE or follow her photography Instagram account @MichelleAPhotography.

For more book info, visit

Well done, Crista!

Disclaimer: This post is not responsible for any drool or drool-related injuries.



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