Nothing is Safe to Love: Valentine Lessons From Lola the Goat

Lola’s sister Dora continues to grace The Wolfestead with her love.

Lola the Goat passed away a few days ago, but not before she taught me everything I need to know about love. A few days after setting foot on The Wolfestead and meeting this wonderful creature, my mind was abuzz with organizing all the homestead animals into two neat categories:

  • Safe to Love
  • Not Safe to Love

On the Safe to Love side, I noted the dogs, cats, four goats, and one chicken. The duck was on the fence.

On the Not Safe to Love side, I had most of the chickens and all the bunnies.

The Safe animals were not to be eaten. The Not Safe would be food someday and that might break my heart.

Then Lola fell sick and died. Unexpectedly. Accidentally. Even though I had already loved her.

Then more bunnies were born and some of them stole our hearts and were moved to the Safe list. The duck also waddled onto the Safe list. My lists got all muddled up and changed.

That’s what love does to us, doesn’t it? It muddles us up and changes our minds. It also gives us courage to love more things.

This Valentine’s day, unguard your heart once and for all. Make that phone call. Send that text. Take that chance. Sing that sappy love song and mean it.

Nothing is safe to love, and that’s exactly why we must love everything as hard as possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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