Killing my Thanksgiving Dinner and a Lesson in Gratitude (Explicit Photos)

SONY DSCI believe that everyone who chooses to eat meat should have the experience of raising, killing, and preparing their own meal. This is a process we need to understand.

I believe in eating as locally as possible, regardless of your dietary choices (vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc).

This is how I learned to humanely kill a chicken. The photos are explicit, but I hope they will inspire you to a deeper sense of awareness and appreciation for your meal.

These birds were fertilized, hatched, raised, cared for, and loved at The Wolfestead.

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The step-by-step process we used to kill our chickens:

Direct YouTube link HERE.

“There is no difference to me in the killing of bacteria that is out of balance in my body causing my system to be ill, than to kill a chicken to sustain healthy life. Also, when I am done with my body, or my body is done with me, I would wish, if possible, for the atoms of my body, my flesh, to be able to be dismantled by animals and organisms for their benefit and life. Feel free to feed me back to my chickens, they are canabilistic little bastards.”Nathaniel Wolfe

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