Happy Birthday Shacky


For the past several weeks, Shacky and I have been watching Dr. Who episodes every night before bed. We are almost caught up and the seasons are getting better as we go along. I wasn’t a fan of the early female companions who kept falling in love with the Doctor, acting clingy and helpless.

Why does everyone fall in love with the Doctor?

I concluded it was the lure of travel, the intoxication of being whisked off to a new and exciting place, and the thrill of making things up as you go along.

Today is Shacky’s birthday and I realize those things have also come to describe our lives. In the tardis RV, Shacky takes me to cool places and neither of us really know what we’re doing. Time has also changed for us. Celebrating Shacky’s birthday last year in San Diego feels like a lifetime ago.

Below is a birthday video I put together for Shacky. Here’s to many more years on the road!


Direct YouTube link HERE


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