Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Task from this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge:

Share a picture that means ESCAPE to you.

Here’s mine:

angels14To understand the significance of this photo, we need to rewind to one year ago today. I was days away from permanently leaving my cubicle job in San Diego, spending my last few office days wrapping up paperwork and training my replacement. We had just bought the Rialta RV, our new home, and Shacky was nervous about quitting his job.

There were so many unknowns in our future. We had no idea how to live in an RV, how or where we would shower, whether we would run out of money, or how the animals would handle our travels. It took Shacky another couple of weeks to quit, a move that was far from easy for him.

Fast forward to the day this photo was taken. We are climbing Walter’s Wiggles to get to Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park, one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen. I look up at Shacky and catch his reaction as he first spots the tight, steep switchbacks going straight up.

Pure bliss.

We are so far removed from where we were one year ago. We have escaped everything.

No longer financially secure, contributing members of our modern society, we have managed to escape “real life”.

An escape from rush hour.
An escape from cubicles.
An escape from crowds.

Now we fall asleep under thick starlight and wake up to glorious sunrises. We set our eyes and our feet on rugged landscapes–sometimes water and sometimes mountain, but always new and secluded and wild.

We’ve escaped.

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