Our First Hitchhiker


We picked up our first hitchhiker off the street today. Like most people, I was raised with a “healthy” fear of hitchhikers. Lately I have been more open-minded about picking people up, but Shacky was still refusing to stop.

This morning, we were sitting in a parking lot when a guy who appeared to be in his 50s came up to the RV and asked for a ride. He was carrying only a bedroll and a water bottle. Shacky said no. As he walked away, I noticed he was wearing Vibrams and mentioned it to Shacky. Then I hopped in the front seat and waited to drive away.

Shacky paused, and asked if we should give him a ride. I ran after him and called him back. His name was Narayana.

Narayana is joyful, chatty, and gives off an aura of excitement and adventure. He grew up in an extremely restrictive Christian home and two weeks ago he danced for the first time in his life at age 58. When he learned I was a writer, he insisted I write this down:

“Life goes out of its way to make you joyful. We’re the ones that mess it up.”

While some consider us brave for adopting our nomadic lifestyle, we are constantly running into people like Narayana who make us look like hoarders living in luxury. We have so many amenities and comforts in our tiny RV; I am honored to share what we have with these brave travelers.

People are awesome.

Some bonus quotes from Narayana:

“I was surprised how hard it was, but I had to go (travel).”

“This is the first time I’ve actually been with people who have the same views, the same experiences. I’m excited!”

“The less you plan and the more you follow your intuition, those are the things that give you the best surprises. Everything works out. Let the universe fill in the spaces.”

“What day is it?”

How do you eat? Where do you get water? That’s the kind of stuff I’m learning to let go. Don’t worry about it.”

“Find out who you are.”

“At the root of everything, there’s just pure luck.”

Thanks for the company, Narayana. Happy travels.

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