Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Shacky’s faithful hula girl on the dash of the RV. She has been with him longer than I have.


Here is my second stab at the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress. For this week’s challenge, I decided to photograph a gallery of objects focused on one color.

At first I started shooting reds and greens, but then slowly started to realize that all the best things were actually brown:

  • my kitteh
  • coffee
  • hair
  • mud
  • dirt
  • trials
  • trees
  • canyons

I was certain my challenge would end up looking like a big blob of poop, but I went with my gut and photographed browns. The photos turned out shockingly lovely, and I’m now seeing my surroundings with a deeper appreciation.

Scroll or click on the photos for captions.


And here is my work on the earlier collections of GREEN and RED.



Thanks for sharing in our travels, and don’t be afraid to put a little color in your life this week!


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