Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

IMG_0183Last week I was inspired by the weekly photo challenges on WordPress.com, and decided to give one a try. I had a blast today documenting a day in our lives. The challenge was to take one photo every hour as you go about your day. I took a little bit extra, but at least one photo every hour.

So often I try to express through words what our lifestyle is like: living in an RV, bumming around, eating, running, writing, and reading. I’m a word girl, not a picture girl. So this was the perfect challenge to help me think outside the box, and I gained a new perspective on what it is we really do all day.

I found my inspiration renewed with this experience. I could write a post about every single one of these pictures (hover or click on the photo for a caption). One picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Welcome to our Monday.

A lovely end to a day well played.

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