Softcup Review: Period Protection for Trail Running Vaginas

Welcome vagina owners and lovers! If you are running during your child-bearing years, here is a new way you can protect yourself.

I was sent this product to review in exchange for a free race entry. If you’re interested in reviewing this product for yourself, visit: (Ladies only)

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Thoughts From a More Experienced Softcup User

Here are some notes from Tina, who has been using this product for six years. I wanted to add her experience here as well, since it does take some getting used to and can be difficult to review after only one cycle.

Tina Says:

“If you can feel it, it’s not inserted properly. I swear by this. Whenever I feel it, I can bank on it leaking. If you have strong kegel muscles you can dislodge this thing by pushing (like when you have a bowel movement or you are trying to carefully let out a fart in public).  

If your partner says you’re “tighter” rather than errr…. shorter? If your vagina is not as “long” as it normally is to touch your cervix, then it is not inserted properly. If it is parallel to his penis rather than almost perpendicular, it’s not inserted properly.

It should be inserted “back and down” rather than “up” like a tampon. It took me about six to eight months to really get insertion right. It’s so different from tampon insertion. I love this product.”


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