Eat & Run Giveaway Winner Plus More

We’ve got a winner for the Eat & Run book giveaway by Scott Jurek!

Congrats to “jeeweetje” who left the following comment:

I first saw him running in a tv commercial about a certain car brand. Then I read about him in Born to run.

When Cablo Blanco went missing, I was touched how he and others responded and reminded me of something important; although your (ultra) runs are a lone thing mostly, when needed you run for friends.

Please send me an email to with your mailing address so I can send the book out!

For the rest of you who didn’t win, there’s another giveaway going on at this site, so head on over.

Some other links to follow:

Ultra Running’s Top Stories

This is an online paper I manage and compile. The link is updated daily with links related to ultra running, pulled from all over the web. It really helps me stay on top of ultra running news and find relevant contacts to follow.


Shut Up and Just Run

My friend Carlos recently started this Facebook page where he posts race coverage videos and photos. He does interviews and covers the events really well. Below is his video on the San Diego 100 Endurance Run. Enjoy and Happy Friday!