Why I’m Re-thinking Barefoot Running

After finishing my last barefoot trail race with Caity, host of the Run Barefoot Girl podcast, I started to question whether barefoot running was still for me. The experience was so grueling and painful.

I set out to finish a barefoot 50K, but after taking seven painful hours to complete the first 10 miles, I knew I couldn’t finish safely. I put on minimalist shoes to finish the race.

Here is a video I made before the event, with high hopes:

Barefoot 50K Born to Run.m4v from Vanessa Runs on Vimeo.

After the race, I was mentally broken for a few weeks as far as barefoot running. I went to running shoe stores to try on some “tools”, looked online for deals on real trail shoes, and asked my trail running buddies what non-minimalist shoes they wore. I even asked Ginger to write my race report for me, and she wrote a great one.

My take on barefoot running is slowly evolving.

Yesterday I recorded a video blog in response to a Run Barefoot Girl podcast interview with Barefoot Jaime. There were things I needed to express, and it has provoked some enlightening and honest discussion. Below are some links to keep you in the loop.

This is the original podcast interview that inspired my video response: Run Barefoot Girl’s interview with Barefoot Jaime.

And here’s my video rebuttal:

Rebuttal to Run Barefoot Girl Interview With Barefoot Jaime.m4v from Vanessa Runs on Vimeo.

Jason Robillard of Barefoot Running University picked this up on his blog and got some good discussion going there. Here is the link to his post.

For more discussion, feel free to add me on Facebook and read the comments below my video link. Or follow me on vimeo.

This morning, two more of my favorite bloggers touched on the subject. Here are their posts:

Barefoot Angie Bee on Barefoot is a Tool

Trisha Reeves on Building a Better Toolbox

Then one more by Krista Cavender: Barefoot vs Shoes Debate.

All of these are people with some great insights and experience. I’m all for a good old-fashioned debate, and I’ve had a great time following this topic thread.

Feel free to drop a note on one of these links and let me know where you stand. Enjoy!


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