24 Things I Love About Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons. When I moved here, everyone said that I would miss the seasonal changes and I thought they might be right. But it still feels like fall in San Diego right now.

All the pumpkin displays are out, the haunted houses are running, and the morning air is crisp and cool. Fall is a season that makes me feel warm and cozy, so I thought I’d call out some of the things that make it rock:

1. Running is beautiful and comfortably cool.

2. Seasonal veggies like squash and carrots and pumpkin can be prepared in so many ways, and they keep your belly warm.

3. It’s racing season.

4. Apples taste better.

5. HALLOWEEN! It’s a great excuse to be silly and scared.

6. Pumpkin carvings. Some are really, really good.

7. Soup.

8. Leaf throwing fights.

9. Beautiful sunsets.

10. Curling up on the porch with a blanket and a new book.

11. TREES! So pretty.

12. Taking the dog for an evening walk, barefoot in my pajamas.

13. Apple cider and hot tea.

14. Warm clothes hugging your skin.

15. Halloween specials on TV.

16. Halloween mazes.

17. Cinnamon sticks.

18. Wearing layers.

19. Snuggling and holding hands.

20. Mittens and warm blankets.

21. Pumpkin and apple pies.

22. Really long scarves.

23. Seeing orange everywhere.

24. Night trail running.

What do you love about fall?