The Biggest Loser: My Top 3 Predictions and Why I Can’t Help Watching

The Biggest Loser is back for another season! And this year I’ve given up pretending I’m not going to watch. It’s one of those shows that I feel I shouldn’t enjoy on principle because it’s annoying on so many levels:

  1. The nutrition advice portions are actually commercials. Basically eat Subway for every meal for the rest of your life.
  2. There’s WAY too much crying. I didn’t even know guys could get PMS.
  3. They keep neglecting to bring in some sort of therapist or counselor even though everyone clearly has some deep-seeded emotional issues. And after they’re skinny, they’re still going to have issues
  4. I don’t agree with all the workout drama. I think there’s too much emotional stress and physical shock to the body, and losing weight that fast isn’t healthy.
  5. There’s calorie counting. And contestants will always think that counting calories is the only way to stay healthy. That’s no life.

But what can I say. I like watching fat people run. So here are my predictions about the new season:

1. Tennis star trainer Anna Kournikova will fail miserably.

She’s a pretty girl (although if you catch her on some angles her eyes look crooked) and her body is flawless. But athletes don’t necessarily make good trainers, and I don’t think Anna has what it takes. She’s no Jillian. She freaking cried on the first episode. I’m pretty sure trainers aren’t the ones who are supposed to be crying, not even happy tears. I smell weakness on her and I’m pretty sure her team is going to get destroyed.

2. Newbie trainer Dolvett Quince is going to dominate.

I see him boosting the show’s ratings. He’s just as good as Bob (maybe better?), but he’s prettier to look at. Bob is looking old this season. I believe it’s the receding hairline. Dolvett is like fresh eye candy. And he’s coming on strong with something to prove. Just don’t try to touch his treadmill – he HATES that!

I laughed when he yelled at the dude on the treadmill to “GET YOUR ELBOWS UP!!!” At first I was concerned that he would only be a slave driver, but he got in some heart-to-heart moments and he inspires respect. He’s got some Jillian in him and his eyes look sincere. I think he’s going to do extremely well. I’m glad last season’s trainers Brett and Cara are gone too. I wasn’t too impressed with them.

3. The “Middle” age group will take out the other two.

Although they divided the contestants into age groups (Young, Middle, Older), I don’t think age will particularly be a factor. But the Older team has Anna and I don’t think she’s going to push them, so they’re out. The Young team looks weak and lazy to me. I think Bob is going to struggle with them. But the Middle team has a perfect mix: motivated, driven team members, and a kick ass trainer who will push them to their max. They’ll dominate.

The Biggest Loser Marathon

Everyone of course is looking forward to the marathon at the end. I remember before I ran my first marathon, when I had just started running I watched a Biggest Loser Marathon. I believe the winner came in at around 4:30 and I thought about how embarrassed I would be if my first marathon time was worse than that. No one likes to run slower than the fat kids.

I can’t really approve of The Biggest Loser Marathon. I don’t think most of these people should be running one. But I’m sure as hell going to watch them try.

What did you think of the new season?

PS – Beth from SUAR also wrote a great Biggest Loser post. You can read it here.