Final Thoughts Before Noble Canyon 50k

This Saturday I’ll be running Noble Canyon!

I’ve only done a timed ultra, so this will be my first real ultra distance trail race. I’m super excited because this is my favorite type of race – long, challenging trails. I’m going into it without any expectations. I’m just going to enjoy the day, have fun, and take in the experience.

I hope I make the cut-off, but I sincerely have no idea if I will. The last couple of training runs I’ve basically had to walk the entire way up the mountain. So I’d love to at least get a little more running in.

I think it’s cool that this is the first race where I know so many of the people running or crewing or volunteering. In Toronto I always experienced races alone – starting and finishing alone, no one I knew cheering, and no one I knew running. Racing was fun THEN, so I can only imagine how much better it will be now. The ultra running community is completely different than road racing, and I’m enjoying the shift.

I had a little mishap on my run at Torrey Pines yesterday. I got a little overconfident running down the side of the canyon and I was going much faster than usual. I stepped on a rock with what I thought was a steady step, but my foot shifted off of it and slid down to the ground. I didn’t fall or miss a step – I didn’t actually feel any pain at all. I just kept running. But Shacky said it sounded bad, and about 40 strides later it started to sting. So I took a look.

I had sliced off a bit of my sole, so my skin was flapping and the wound was filling with sand. It wasn’t a big cut, but it was deep. I ran to the beach and soaked in salt water to clean it out. Then I borrowed Shacky’s shoes and finished up the run. I was hobbling a little, but it was much easier to run than to walk. I actually ran faster because it was getting dark and the faster I ran, the less time I would spend putting pressure on my wound.

When I got home I washed it up again, put on some socks, and went to bed. In the morning my skin had started to re-attach. I used some Neosporin, and it looks like it’s going to be ok. I’ll probably still bandage my foot for Noble, just in case.

I’m trying to come up with things to think about to stay motivated during this run. I feel like it’s going to be a mind game much more so than a physical feat. I know I have the strength in me to finish strong, but it’s just soooo easy to walk!

I’ve been inspired lately by Shelly, who just finished a 50-miler, and we’ll be running our first 100 miler together soon! So I’m sure I’ll think about her.

I’ve read on a couple of blogs about how people decide to dedicate a mile of their long races to people who have inspired or helped them, and I thought about doing that. If I do, here are some people I admire that I would definitely include:

  • Shacky – cause he’s always there for everything
  • my birth mom – cause I miss her
  • Eli – cause she’s the bravest lady I know
  • Emma – cause I love her and miss her
  • Angie – cause she’s a supermama and strong lady
  • Shelly – cause she kicked ass at her last race
  • Jason – cause he writes the stuff that needs to be said and finished Western States in under 24 hrs
  • Pat – cause he’s my cool record-breaking uncle
  • Kate – cause she’s a cute little runner and climber who never gives up
  • Cat – cause everything about her inspires me
  • Caity – cause her podcast is the awesomest podcast in the universe
  • Krista – cause she’s got ninja moves
  • Christian – cause he taught me how to get everything for free
  • Michael – cause he suggested a long time ago that I try running barefoot…
  • Robin – cause she’s my fellow badass Canadian ultra runner
  • Carlos – cause he makes me laugh and he pushes some impressive speed/mileage
  • Jeff – cause he always gets back up when he falls
  • Theresa – cause she’s insanely supportive
  • Christine B – cause she’s a super strong lady and great runner
  • Nadia – cause she’s always trying new things to stay active
  • Nate – cause he’s not afraid to be himself

I don’t really have any other ideas as far as motivation, so I think I’m just going to go into it and see what happens.

Wish me luck!