When I first saw someone wearing a pair of calf compression sleeves, I had no idea what they were. Over time I learned that they were popular (invaluable even) with many distance runners, and particularly barefoot or minimalist runners.

Trying to transition to a more minimalist shoe, or training to run barefoot is taxing on your calves. When I first started out, my calves were sore for days. Many of the people I’ve nudged into barefoot running have experienced the same soreness.

Calf compressions sleeves have made the barefoot transition easier for me. They shorten my recovery periods. So I was thrilled when Zensah offered me a free pair of their calf compression sleeves for review.

I chose the women’s green because green is my favorite color!  I started wearing them immediately for my San Diego trail runs. Moving from Toronto to San Diego was a rough transition for my calves. The trails in Toronto are relatively flat and easy to run, but in San Diego they are hilly, rocky, and very challenging.

During my first week in San Diego I did a Noble Canyon training run in huarache sandals, and it was easily the roughest trail run of my life. My calves should have been killing me. But thanks to the compression sleeves, they weren’t. To be sure it was the sleeves, I went on another training run without the compression. This time I ran on an easier, flatter trail. And my calves were sore.

I love my Zensah sleeves for two reasons:

1. They work. I’ve found that they drastically reduce my recovery time, allowing me to run further distances on rougher trails. Basically they let me do what I love for a really long time. Many of my running friends swear by them.

2. They’re cute. Another less-discussed aspect of running barefoot or minimalist is STYLE. Barefoot runners like to look good… or at least different. The sleeves are bright and fun to wear. They look great with my running skirts and they draw attention to my bare feet. I love that. Zensah also offers a wide range of color options, so I’d like to buy a few more to compliment different outfits.


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