I never worried much about electrolytes until I started ultra training. Now I know how important it is to replenish the minerals I lose through sweating.

I was lucky enough to receive some Nuun (pronounced “noon”) samples from the gorgeous Barefoot Angie Bee a few weeks ago, and I used them for the first time on a 24-hour ultra relay in Toronto.

What I received: Nuun Sport Drink Tablets. These are tablets that you drop into any water bottle or glass of water. Let it dissolve and drink up!

Here are my thoughts:


The flavors. There is a great variety of over 10 flavors and they’re all delicious! Tri-berry is my favorite.

The convenience. The tabs were super easy to carry around and you could drop them into any water source. I even took them to restaurants, ordered water, and dropped them in. The tablets come in a crush-resistant waterproof tube. They are pocket sized and easy to throw into any bag.

No added sugar. Just Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B2.

Under 8 calories. Guilt free!

The hydration. I immediately noticed a drastic improvement in my hydration. I was drinking a lot more (because it tasted good) and my pee was clearer. I felt more confident about my hydration during my runs, and it was easier to recover.

Environmentally friendly. There are no plastic bottles. Every recyclable Nuun tube is equivalent to 12 bottles.


The fizz. The tablets dissolve like Alka-Seltzer and there’s a carbonated fizzy sensation. Similar to soda, although they’re not actually carbonated. While I was loving ginger ale on my first ultra, I wasn’t feeling the fizz this time. It was making me gassy and uncomfortable during my relay.


Overall, I’m loving Nuun as a recovery drink. I can drink it all day long when I’m not running. It makes me feel like I’m splurging on a fancy drink when I’m actually replenishing my body. During the run, I prefer something flat, as the bubbles throw me off a bit.


Nuun is generously providing one lucky reader with: a 4-pack of Nuun plus 2 bottles!


Do one or more of the following things. Leave a separate comment below for each thing you do, as I will count up the comments and choose a winner randomly using Every separate comment will count as an entry. The more you do, the higher your chances of winning.

The winner will be announced next Tuesday August 16th. Come back and check because if you don’t claim your prize, I’ll choose another winner!

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