Running with a Purpose: Sojourner Center

It’s the last week of June and this is the end of our Running with a Purpose charity series. I wanted to end with a post by a strong lady. Emz from blew me away earlier this May when she hopped on a treadmill and ran on it for… 24 hours! She covered over 100 miles, all to raise funds for her cause.

Here’s her story. I encourage you to click on her links and learn more.


“Since 1977, Sojourner Center has provided shelter and support services to thousands of individuals affected by domestic violence. Through empowerment families discover hope and have the opportunity to build a new future free from violence. As the nation’s largest domestic violence shelter, Sojourner Center is a tireless advocate for domestic violence victims and survivors. With the continued support of the community, Sojourner Center can help women and children overcome the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time.”


While domestic violence has not effected me directly, it has effected some of my loved ones immensely. One night at dinner my husband and I decided …




It was time to get more involved. While I was aware of the center and vaguely familiar with their mission, it wasn’t until I actually toured the facility in early 2009 that my heart ached to do more. A lot more. I will never forget the feeling when we walking into one particular room. It was the room that honored those who had lost their lives due to domestic violence. Heart wrenching stories were shared. Women who would call in every night for weeks looking for beds.

But there were no beds available.

In a better world, there would be no need for a place such as Sojourner Center. But every day, desperate women call the shelter looking for safety and peace.

For some women, the act of reaching out was hard enough. Only to be greeted with an “I’m sorry, we don’t have room”. Simply seems unacceptable.

So my goal was to raise $10, 000 and MUCH needed awareness on this issue.

On May 6th, 2011 at 6am I began my 24 hour treadmill run for the Sojourner Center.

HERE is the link to the last portion of my run.

I hit the “stop” button on my treadmill at 6:04am on May 7th.

100.16 miles later.

A top three moment. in. my. life.