If you’re running this summer, SaltStick is your friend.

I first befriended SaltStick when I started training for my first ultra. At the ultra event, we were even closer buddies. I inexcusably forgot my own SaltStick capsules when I made the trip to Rochester for the Mind the Ducks 12-hour race. So I bummed some capsules off a friend. SaltStick is always there for me.

Now that the temperatures are going up and I’m sweating more during the sunny runs, I like to carry some SaltStick capsules with me on my long trail runs. They’re tiny, easy to pop, and a very efficient method of electrolyte replacement.

Today’s giveaway is for your own SaltStick capsules, as well as a mini SaltStick dispenser you can carry on your runs to keep your capsules dry, safe, and easily accessible. It fits on running belts, or on inside road bike handlebars. It is water resistant, super light, and prevents capsule damage from bouncing.

HERE are some more of the dispenser’s key features from

And HERE are the key features of the SaltStick capsules.

As a nutritionist, I love that the capsules are composed in a way to aid in digestion and absorption. This is a vegetable-based composition, with bio-available active ingredients.

It ONLY contains the electrolyte minerals of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. There are no added herbal, trace, or questionable components. They do not contain high fructose corn syrup, or sweeteners of any kind. They are gluten free.


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2. The winner will be announced next Tuesday June 19th. Come back and check because if you don’t claim your prize, I’ll choose another winner!

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