A challenge to all (minimalist or non) shoe companies

I decided to delay my own blog this morning to re-post something that Jason Robillard put out this morning on his Barefoot Running University blog.

I like following Jason’s blog because I feel he has his finger on the pulse of all things barefoot/minimalist and he presents things in a way that I rarely see in other blogs. He’s easy to read and entertaining, and although our blogs have different focuses I felt this post was important enough to pass along.

Here, Jason presents a call to all shoe companies to be accountable to their consumers and offer up their products for public, independent scrutiny.

I don’t normally delve into the minimalist shoe debate, but I do strongly believe in accountability. The minimalist shoe industry is confusing to me. When I first started running barefoot, I couldn’t understand why as a “barefoot” runner I was expected to spend MORE money on non-shoes in order to run with LESS. When one of the minimalist shoes I tried literally cut my foot open, I was ready to give up for good.

A study like this would be invaluable for people like me, who are just trying to figure things out and don’t have an unlimited stream of income to spend on countless minimalist shoe options for experimentation. It would clear the air.

I hope this is something that moves forward and gains traction. So I’m doing my part to pass it along. I can’t say this any better than Jason did, so HERE is the link to his post.

Happy Running!