5 Superfood Supplements That Can Change Your Life This Year (Part 2)

by Mat Robar

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Gone are the days of 10 gallon tubs of whey or soy protein isolate.

Why? Simple, because people now realize that when buying supplements, it’s not simply about quantity and price, but also about quality and absorption. This point is made extremely clear when it comes to protein.

Take your traditional tub of flavored whey protein isolate. Not only does it contain an inferior type of protein that has been linked to many health disorders including cancer, but it also contains loads of fillers such as refined sugars. Now pair that with the low absorption of this type of protein and you have a recipe for losing money. Not only did you pass a large amount of the protein through your system to be excreted as waste, but the protein that you did absorb was from an inferior source laced with additives and potentially harmful compounds.

The protein debate is always raging, especially among vegetarians, vegans and athletes and for obvious reasons. One thing we can all agree on is we need to pay more attention to the source of our protein and that quality does make a difference. Personally we recommend some of the RAW and Vegan products that have come onto the scene in the past few years. These products combine proteins from sources such as brown rice, hemp and peas. The digestibility and absorption of these powders is fantastic, but the draw back in the past has been the taste. Well thankfully they have adapted and listened to the masses as these powders all taste just as good, if not better than some of the sugar-laden products on the market.

Now you can maintain your protein levels while still sticking to your lifestyle choice, be it vegan, or even RAW. With many athletes using and backing powders from this category, they are gaining more recognition and popularity. There are now raw and vegan, bodybuilders, triathletes and even UFC Champions! Try one for yourself today.

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Sorry to tell you, but 99% of the vitamin C supplements in the world are not real vitamin C. What I mean by that is most every supplement you see or product that claims vitamin C actually contains merely a synthetic ascorbic acid isolate. While ascorbic acid is part of a naturally occurring vitamin C complex, nowhere in nature does vitamin C exist as an isolate. It exists as part of a larger and more digestible and more beneficial whole vitamin C complex.

This synthetic vitamin C isolated compound known as ascorbic acid is just a piece of the whole. In fact, most of the ascorbic acid molecules are now produced in test tubes in laboratories and derived from corn sugar!

Just to drive the point home, in 1930 when Dr. Szent-Gyorgi won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering vitamin C and its many health benefits, he also found the molecule ascorbic acid. Even though he found it, he never recommended it and always strongly stressed that the best results were always reported when people consumed vitamin C in its natural form.

The most famous and readily available are the Camu Camu berry and the Acerola berry. These two berries pack an amazing amount of real whole food vitamin C into a very small package.

Do you need to go searching the woods and your local supermarket to find these berries to get your vitamin C? Of course not, and they will most likely not be there as they are indigenous to South America as many of the emerging superfoods. Thankfully there are now quality companies that produce vitamin C supplements in its entire form. This form is easier on your stomach, is not as acidic as ascorbic acid and also contains much more of the actual beneficial nutrients.

Take it on a daily basis or at the first sign of a sickness and feel it go to work for yourself.

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We are lucky. We are lucky that there are amazing companies out there that source the finest ingredients from all over the world and combine them into extremely powerful and potent superfood supplements.

For an individual to try and source these types of ingredients, not only would it take a great deal of time, but also a great deal of money. The products on the market today are absolutely amazing and make use of amazing superfoods such as algaes, mushrooms, phytoplankton, exotic berries, plants, grasses and more. The list goes on and on. The manufacturers of the best products we have found remain fairly small and are extremely notorious about quality and ingredients. This is why the products cost a bit more than your average supplement, because they have more nutritious ingredients in them.

These blends, when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet can radically change your health, nutritionally support your bodies healing and cleansing processes and of course aid in the restoration of your bodies natural energy levels.

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Our bodies do not just digest chemicals and toxins every day, they also ingest them.   Your skin is an organ and absorbs whatever you put on it, such as body wash, face wash, shampoos, make up and so on. A recent study showed that on average women put 512 chemicals on their skin every single day. 512! That’s a lot of chemicals that are being absorbed directly into your body every single day.
Imagine if you could eliminate all of them.

How would your skin respond? Your hair? Your energy levels?

It’s all about taking the first step and switching to all natural and organic body products is one of the easiest and most beneficial steps you can take towards a healthier lifestyle. Now for the best part. These products ROCK! Switching to natural products typically conjures up images of choking down tasteless protein powders and wearing a bag full of patchouli (sheepishly tucking my patchouli into my desk drawer).

The truth is that most people would prefer to use these products regardless of whether or not they were natural. The aromas are intoxicating and the results are amazing. Not to mention, because traditional products are diluted with fillers and chemicals, the natural products will last longer because they are extremely concentrated. So you save money in the long run as well. Imagine getting 90 showers out of a single bottle of body wash. Now you can.

Don’t you find it a little weird that traditional products selling points are that they contain 1 or 2 natural compounds, like green tea or coconut oil? Shouldn’t the entire product be made of beneficial natural compounds such as these? That’s precisely why this industry is getting so much press right now, because people are waking up to the fact that your body responds much better to natural compounds than the synthetic ones.

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