Since I got my Zems about a month ago, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with them. I either deeply love them, or deeply hate them. Please note that this giveaway is for either the current model that I’ve reviewed here, or a newer model that will be released in the spring (and promises to address some of my concerns below).


Coolness Factor – A+

I love the look of the Zems. I especially like the split toe look, although it doesn’t seem to have any practical use other than looking quirky. I really like the colours and their general look.

Fit – F

My Zems don’t seem to fit me well at all. My size (standard shoe size) seems inhumanly narrow, causing the shoe soles to cut into my soles. The first time I wore them without socks, they opened up my skin so badly in under 5k that I couldn’t run for a week. The heel is also mismatched to mine (though they slip on nicely) and cause blisters. A larger size would likely be floppy at the toes, but not necessarily much wider.

Moisture Control – B+

As far as keeping my feet dry, the Zems are way ahead of my VFFs. Running in snow, the Zems are significantly dryer, and more comfortable.

Temperature Control – B

The Zems are quite warm. Depending on where and when you’re running, that can be good or bad. I found that in deep, freshly fallen snow, they were at their best. I didn’t feel cold even once sprinting through knee-high snow banks.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later when the snow started to thaw, and my feet felt like they were burning up. On my long run, I was looking for ice puddles to run through in order to try to bring down the temperature of my feet. I can’t even imagine wearing them in the spring or summer. I’ve never tried them on sand, but thoughts of hellfire and brimstone immediately come to mind.  Although I know people use them on sand, so I’m not sure how that works.

Durability – F

I wore my Zems twice on snowy trails, and twice on pavement. None of these runs were long. Afterwards, there was a penny-sized hole in the heel. A friend of mine who has had his Zems for a couple of weeks longer than I have says his are now disintegrated and unusable. The sole wears out extremely quickly, and I wouldn’t trust them on a long run.

Barefoot Simulation – A-

The Zems are quite flexible and closer to barefoot running than the VFFs. I find the VFFs provide much more shoe-like support, whereas the Zems feel like you’re closer to wearing nothing. They feel very much like compression socks.


The Prize

A choice between:

1. A free pair of Zems. Your choice of size/style/colour. Current model. Mailed to you immediately.

2. A free pair of Zem 360s (new model). Your choice of size/style/colour. To be mailed out this spring 2011 (probably around May).

The Zem 360 promises to be a better option to barefoot runners. They are not ready yet so I have not tried them myself. Here is a description of the product from the manufacturers:

The 360 is the feather-light star of ZEMs barefoot collection. The design weighs in at 2.5 oz and is equipped with a pliable but abrasion robust phylon outsole ideal for runners.

An updated tech band design contributes increased lateral hold and stability. The split toe pattern and the high ‘mold-ability’ of all materials used on the 360 create these amazing SoulSkins.

Features include:

  • Pliable, abrasion resistance phylon & gecko-grip rubber outsole with traction.
  • Original split-toe pattern for ultimate “grip-ability” and barefoot sensation.
  • Molding upper and sole materials create fit and protection.
  • Enhanced tech band design adds to lateral stability.
  • Ultimate light-weight protection.


  • Natural barefoot feeling during running and training.
  • Unobstructed sensory feed-back during all activities.
  • Strengthens natural arch and re-conditions feet.
  • Barefoot activities help alleviate stress related symptoms.


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