I’ve got a new race schedule for 2011.

This year I want to find other people to race with, so I’m posting my schedule in the hopes that I might encourage people to tag along. It doesn’t matter your fitness level or if you’ve never raced before. Pick a race and let’s do it together. I’ll even help you train! The more the merrier. Email me: vanessaruns@gmail.com.

MARCH 2011

St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run on March 13th in Toronto, Ontario

I’m opening my racing season with this super fun St. Patrick’s Day dash. The kind people at sportkilt.com shipped me this Ultra Mini Women’s Kilt yesterday, which I will wear at this race. They have also sent me one of their men’s kilts, which I will hold a giveaway for in the near future.

Race info here.

Register here.

Around the Bay 30k on March 27th in Hamilton, Ontario

This will be my first 30k without shoes, which I will be running with a few other BRS members. I’m quite excited about this one!

Registration and info here.

APRIL 2011

Harry’s Spring 8k Run-Off to Fight Prostate Cancer on April 2 in High Park, Toronto, Ontario

This will be my first year running this race. I absolutely adore this park and will run there any chance I get! I’ve heard it’s very well organized. Looking forward to it.

Registration and info here.

Hustle for Hunger 5k on April 17th in High Park, Toronto, Ontario

My favourite park again! There are some great trails here and I’m hoping that one of these races will take me through some of them. If not, I might just take the rest of the day and hit them up on my own.

Registration and info here.

MAY 2011

Mind the Ducks 12 Hour Run on May 14th in New York

My birth month! And my very first out of town run! Also my first ultra. Also an official BRS meet-up. And an opportunity to finally meet a few of my good Facebook friends. Many exciting things about this race! Spots are very quickly running out, so now is the time to register if you want in. I can’t wait!

Registration and info here.

Toronto Marathon on May 15th

The marathon the day after my ultra. A true test of endurance. We’ll see what happens here.

Registration and info here.

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon on May 29th in Sunnybrook Park, Toronto, Ontario

I did this race when it was just a women’s 5k and now they’ve added a half. This is another one of my favourite parks with some great trails, though unfortunately I expect the half will probably be on a paved road. They try to make it sexy by having male firefighters handing out water, though I have to say the firefighters for the 5k race I ran weren’t all that inspiring. Plus now I live right next to a firehouse so technically I can get hosed down after any training run. The main incentive for me on this race is the stats. I want to see how I come out in a women’s-only competition. This is also the day after my 29th birthday!

Race info here.

Registration here.

JUNE 2011

A Campaign of Hope 5k on June 4th in High Park, Toronto, Ontario

This is a very small, low-key run with a lot of sentimental value. It was one of the first races I ever ran, and I remember showing up like a total beginner with fuel belts and having carb loaded. This is also the first and only race that I ran with my dad. My dad isn’t the greatest person in the world, but he’s very competitive. One year when he heard I was running this, he came to the park and ran it in jeans and work shoes. He actually passed a lot of people. He’s the kind of person who will die of a heart attack if he has to, but he’ll still make sure he passes you. Another memory I have of this race is coming in first girl. I had never been first at anything and it was the most incredible feeling! This year I want to run without shoes, and I’m aiming to come in top five overall.

Registration and info here.

Mitsubishi City Chase on June 25 in Toronto, Ontario

This is like a scavenger hunt/Amazing Race-type competition. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I need a partner to register. Who’s in??

Registration and info here.


Acura Toronto 10-miler, mid-July 2011

I’ve done this before and it was super fun. Very scenic and well organized. I ran in shoes though, so in some ways I feel like it didn’t count! I’d love to run this again. They have yet to set a date for it.

Registration and info here.

Sprint Triathlon on August 14 in Cobourg, Ontario

I’m going to aim for my first triathlon this summer! I’m hoping for the sprint distance in Cobourg. It’s a beautiful beach and a great small town.

Registration and info here.

FALL 2011

Noble Canyon 50k on September 17th in San Diego, California

I’d really like to get in another ultra before the year is up and I’m considering this one.

Registration and info here.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 16th

This will be my last marathon of the season! I’m planning to kill it. Just leave everything I have out on the road. Best case scenario: I qualify for Boston or New York.

Registration and info here.

Mad Dog Scramble 8k Trail Race on October 30th in Sunnybrook Park in Toronto, Ontario

I have such fond memories of this race, and it’s one of the only real trail runs in my city. Very hilly, very challenging, and tons of water crossings. I can’t pass it up.

Registration and info here.

Pick a race and join me!