Welcome 2011!

I’m all rested up and excited to greet a brand new year. My holidays felt short, but I have many fond memories of 2010 and no regrets.

Here are some of my favourite highlights:

1. My goal for December was to run 150 miles, which I finally finished on December 30th. I’m thrilled about this because a) there were several times when I was certain I wouldn’t make my mileage and b) except for 30k, I did it all without shoes and completely injury-free.

I had mentioned previously that 2011 would be all about testing my limits, and my December goal was a big part of that. I couldn’t repeat this every month, but I learned many things through these miles that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I will be blogging more about this experience soon.

2. I put my shoes away. I started using VFFs and running barefoot, and have enjoyed a whole new running experience. I ran my first trail race ever this year, the Mad Dog Scramble. It was also my first race in VFFs. This was by far my hardest race, and I killed it. I was so proud of myself. After that I started seeking out more trails, which led me to find my woods, which have since been a source of great pleasure and enchantment for me.

Here are some previously unseen pictures that I recently found from 2010’s Mad Dog Scramble:

That’s me on the left (behind the flag) trying to explain what VFFs are to the dude behind me who asked.

I have to remember to smile more.

I’m happy, I swear.

3. I came in first girl at a race! It was only a small 5k, but it was exhilarating nonetheless, and an experience I hope to replicate in 2011. In 2009, this was my first 5k race. It’s a very hilly route, and that year I had only trained on flat surfaces. The hills nearly killed me. In 2010 I came prepared – and finished first girl. One of my proudest running moments of the year.

4. I ran my first marathon! Amazing amazing amazing experience. I have no words. My only fear is that I’ll never be able to replicate the awesomeness of that first time. I was immediately hooked, and marathons for me are sure to be a lifelong endeavour. Years from now I’ll look back on 2010 and fondly remember my first one.

5. My blog has been a great success. I started blogging on February 17th 2010. At year’s end and 180 posts later, I am very proud of the loyalty of my readers, most of whom I’ve gotten to know over this past year. You guys are awesome and you keep me blogging and I appreciate all 715 of your comments!

Here are some fun stats:

  • Total blog views in 2010 = 46,000
  • Pictures uploaded = 538
  • Busiest day of the year = April 18th at 614 views
  • Here is my most popular post on barefoot running

5. I filtered out all my relationships. And kept only the good ones. This was extremely hard to do, especially since I happen to be related to some very toxic people. I learned that it was much better to cut these relationship from my life, family or not, than to allow them to continue poisoning me. As soon as I did this, I felt a sense of calm, contentment, and peace.

I said goodbye to my dad, who is manipulative and abusive. To my grandfather, who is a pedophile. To my grandmother, who supports his actions. And to the church that allows him to be a leader. Also gone are many friendships that always take but never give. And in their place – new friendships. I’ve met some amazing people this year, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them in 2011. I learned to control my world and who can be a part of it.

My life is changing. I have many exciting plans for 2011 and many goals. I have compiled these into a list which I will share on my next post, but there is one change that I must announce now:

In March I will be completing my final exams (oral and written) to become a Holistic Nutritionist and will need some time to study for this. I have also been working with some clients, and plan to take more clients on this month (I will be blogging more about this soon). Because of these and other responsibilities, I am going to start blogging bi-weekly instead of daily. My posts will now be made every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 10pm EST. I’ve taken some time over the holidays to pre-plan these posts, and they’ll likely be longer. I’ve got some great guest bloggers and giveaways lined up as well, but that’s all I’ll say for now!


Today I had my first guest post go live! Check it out here. Alan is one of my running mentors and you’ll be hearing more about him soon. In the meantime, follow his blog.

I entered Barefoot Angie Bee’s Running Chic’s Giveaway. You can do the same here.

I hope everyone had an amazing end of year, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me through 2011.

Happy January!