Race Report – Tannenbaum 10k, Toronto

Weather-wise, this was the most miserable race of my life. It was supposed to snow, but instead it rained all day. Significantly less pleasant. On top of that it was incredibly windy, which made it quite cold.

Most of the time it felt like we were running straight into the wind, except for the last 2-3k where the wind was “propelling” us, as Jamie predicted it would. Jamie was one of the four other BRS members that ran on Sunday, besides myself. Alan, Jamie and I wore BRS shirts. We were also accompanied by Rod and Joani.

I ran with Rod and Jamie for a finish of 1:03. Alan ran like a pro and PR’d at 57 mins – no easy feat under these weather conditions. Joani was not too far behind us.

The route was incredibly curvy and full of puddles. While the shod runners caused minor traffic jams trying to avoid the puddles and keep their feet dry, Rod ran right through them, splashing gleefully in his elf hat.

It was tough to even hear yourself speak. We were right along the water and the waves were crashing against the rocks beside us while the wind was howling in our ears. At one point I could barely keep my head up and the wind was making me tear up.

Joani and I wore VFFs, Jamie wore Zems, and Alan ran in Invisible Shoes huaraches. Rod started off in elf slippers from the dollar store. Then when those disintegrated, he ran barefoot. We all got questions about our footwear, and Alan made us business cards to hand out that read: “Changing the running world one odd look at a time.” So now it’s official. We’re wierdos.

I thought the volunteers did a great job at this event. They were out there in crazy weather conditions, jumping around and screaming like it was the middle of summer. At one turn there was a parent volunteer with the cutest little girl, maybe about five years old with blonde curls. She shrieked and pointed at Rod’s bare feet, laughing hysterically.

By far the highlight of this race was the company. It was great to finally meet everyone and swap stories. I got some great triathlon tips from Jamie, and Rod entertained us with a story of how he got stopped for running barefoot by the RCMP in Ottawa (he’s one bad elf).

I’m really looking forward to many more races with the fine members of the BRS, Canada chapter. We make extreme weather feel like warm fuzzies.