It’s snowing out there!

Today I really started to feel it. It’s getting cold.

Last week wasn’t so bad. I logged a total of 91km for the week and ran four half marathon distances on four consecutive days. My recovery was great, but my pace slowed down near the end and I got sick of my route.

This week I changed up my route, but this morning I ran through bitter snow and winds. I did two loops on a 6.5k route (I’m still finding the looping a challenge) for a total of 13k that felt more like 30k.

My feet got cold in my VFFs for the first time. I was fine as long as I ran on the freshly fallen snow, but as soon as I hit salted or wet pavement, my toes really felt it. After 13k I was tempted to switch to shoes and continue, but decided to just call it a day.

Usually I feel energized after my runs, but today I felt exhausted. Even though I was going at a snail’s pace, my footing was unsteady in my VFFs and I required a lot of mental and physical energy to keep from constantly slipping. The more it snowed, the slower I got. The slower I got, the colder I felt. Ultimately I couldn’t go fast enough to keep up my body heat, and that’s when I stopped.

Nevertheless, every time I go out is a new experience and I’m learning what it means to be a long distance runner. I find the toughest thing about mileage is that it’s so time consuming. But I certainly love it.

One of my goals in the near future is to run a 50k distance in one day, but splitting it up throughout the day. This would be in preparation for my first ultra marathon in May. My biggest obstacle right now is the cold and snow. It’s funny how something so beautiful can also be so cruel.