It’s mileage month!

I don’t generally make new year’s resolutions because I prefer to set shorter term goals, one month at a time. So I’m making a resolution for December, the last 30 days of 2010!

I’d like to concentrate on building mileage this month. My goal is to run at least 150 miles in December (241.4 km). That works out to 60.5 km/week. It will be more than I’ve ever run in any month of my life.

I’ll try not to worry too much about speed this month, but I would like to get myself to the point where I can drop a half marathon distance at anytime without much preparation or forethought. I’ve been working on improving two things specifically: hydration and carb loading.

1. Hydration.

I remember running my first 10k race weighed down with a fully packed fuel belt. I hated it, but I was too scared to leave it behind. Scared of running out of fuel. Of passing out in the middle of the road. Of getting screwed at the aid stations. I was basically scared of everything.

Over time, I’ve learned to trust my body and my hydration. I don’t carry water with me for any race that is less than a marathon (I do use the water stops), and I have drastically improved my hydration levels throughout the day.

The body fat scale at my gym also measures hydration levels. When my trainer first weighed me in, my hydration was poor. During my workouts I was chugging water like crazy. She slowly began to limit the water she allowed me to drink, and I soon learned to hydrate beforehand. I’ve continued with that and now I drink water constantly. I find that as the weather is getting colder, I can get away with carrying less water during my training runs. However, I’m always watching my pee to make sure it’s never cloudy.

2. Carb loading.

I used to want to carb load for every little thing. I still eat carbs, but I’ve been experimenting with loading up on more vegetables instead of grains and pastas. So far my energy levels have been impressive.

Both today and yesterday I ran half marathon distances. So back to back half marathons two days in a row, and I didn’t carb load. I basically want my body to always be carb loaded in the sense that it will always have energy to run for approximately two hours. That said, my metabolism has definitely increased and I’m much hungrier now throughout the day. Really paying attention to the quality of carbs that I am eating has made a big difference for me.

I’m excited and also a little bit nervous about 150 miles!