Apparently this barefoot thing is like a religion.

I’m totally blown away by the response I’ve gotten these past few days from other barefoot runners. I feel like I’ve entered some sort of tight circle. An intimate group where everyone has everything in common and looks out for one another. It’s kind of like being the new member of a church and feeling instantly embraced. It’s kind of nice.

My blog hits have gone up by 20-30% per week ever since I started making barefoot posts, and someone send me a link today to the Barefoot Running Society’s Library page, where they posted a link to one of my posts.

I’m feeling a warm and fuzzy sense of community that I’ve never really experienced through running before. Pre-marathon I was always very much a lone runner. I enjoyed the solitude. Then during my marathon I had a kick ass barefoot pacer, and I guess that pretty much did it for me. I was sold.

Right after my marathon I experienced what I now know as PMS – Post Marathon Syndrome. I was feeling sad and a little lonely and purposeless.

Besides getting into the barefoot thing, I started craving the company of other runners, shortly followed by my first group run. I know I can’t quite recreate the marathon experience, but running with other people helps. And so does going barefoot.

I think I’ve always been a barefooter at heart. I like the feeling of rubbing dirt between my toes. It’s like making love with the earth. You feel you’re a part of everything around you. An extension of nature, like a branch or a blade of grass. You feel grounded and in many ways dependant on the soil you tread.

One barefoot friend of mine put it well when he told me that he felt he had to go barefoot everywhere just to re-experience the world. It’s probably like walking on your hands. Suddenly you’re touching everything for the first time, accompanied by a sense of wonder and curiosity.

I freaking love my feet.