It’s time to taper.

My marathon is two weeks away and I think I’m starting to get sick. Today felt like the day before a cold, so I tried to stay home and take it easy. I rarely get sick but it’s the season plus I’ve been more stressed lately. I’ve also been pulling double workouts this week – running early in the morning and swimming at night.

I had planned to start going to a running club today but I decided to leave it until next week when I feel better. I don’t want to end up having a cold for two weeks and then immediately having to run my first marathon.

I have mixed feelings about trying out a running club. I’ve never really run with anyone before. Running has always sort of been my thing – something I do completely alone and only I fully understand it. I’m not used to being around other runners but I think it could be a really positive experience.

My biochemistry exam went well. I had one of those teachers that pretends it’s not a big deal, and then tries to trick the hell out of you on the exam. I’m sure I didn’t get perfect but I’m confident I’ll end up with an A in that course. At the very least I was happy to get it over with. Tomorrow I start my next class, which is Pediatrics – Nutrition for kids.

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming days of “active rest,” during which time I need to stay active but not run. Weeks ago I didn’t know how I’d ever get through it, but I have most of my days planned out now. Besides swimming, I want to do some yoga and try a spinning class. I’ve never been spinning before but I heard it’s tough. There’s also a martial arts thing that I’m looking into. And I have a feeling that I might squeeze a short, harmless cheat run in there somewhere. I’ve never been one to follow ALL the rules…