I have been encouraged by a great lady.

Jill Bruyere is a running coach in Seattle. I read her blog regularly and subscribe to her newsletters. She’s super supportive and gives great advice. Earlier this month she sent around an email that made my day. It said:

Read this quote and repeat out loud:

“Even if you have developed extraordinary mental toughness, the slightest hint of doubt can cloud your mind and let loose all sorts of nasty negative thoughts.”

Ok, it’s that time where most of us are in the middle of training and now letting fear enter our minds.

Don’t Listen. It is totally normal for this to occur. It is natural to doubt and feel fear. You have to fight it and believe in yourself … just like I believe in you.

Maybe you are feeling burnt out or having signs of injury. It’s ok, but do not give up. And, if you decide to take 2-3 days off from running, that is OK! You won’t lose fitness and you won’t set yourself back. I promise.

Whatever you do…DO NOT LET THE NEGATIVE TALK OVERCOME! Get rid of it and immediately change your thoughts.

It really works.  You’ve come this far and you’ve made a choice to complete a marathon.  Just go do it and believe.

Exactly what I needed to hear.

Just this week Jill released a brand new program for first time marathoners. I’ll be purchasing it to help me on my next marathon. She wrote in conjunction with another running coach, Yuri Elkaim, based on the feedback of marathon runners. It includes things like stretching, nutrition, coaching calls, injury prevention, recorded intervals, etc.

Here is her description of the program:

The intervals included are voice recorded so you can download them to your ipod and actally get coached. No more having to wonder how long you rest, no more having to check your watch, no more wondering how many sets to complete. Just put on the earphones and go!

Anyone who is interested can learn more about Jill’s program here: www.firstmarathonmadeeasy.com

You can also follow Jill at www.runwithjill.com.

Have a great weekend! More news about my first swimming lesson next week!