I’m already thinking about my next race.

I was itching to do one last 5k before my marathon, but instead I found an 8k trail run called the Mad Dog Scramble on Halloween morning. I’ve never raced on a trail before. I love training on trails, but most of my marathon training has been on concrete.

I know how challenging trail running can be, so that was an immediate draw. This particular race boasts:

There’s no hill too steep, no puddle too deep, no garbage pile too cheap to run over, through or into.

It takes place in Sunnybrook Park and the route is top secret, but there are promises of leaves and mud and small bodies of water and big messes.

The most intriguing part of this race is that the starting times are based on your running ability. So if you’re a slow runner, the more of a head start you get. This gives everyone a fair chance at actually winning, and it also means that I’ll have a great time scrambling to catch all those slower people ahead of me.

I’m hoping this will also be an incentive to get some people to join me who would otherwise be worried about keeping up. I’ve already challenged a couple of my readers, but if there’s anyone who is able to make it to this race with me, send me an email at vanessaruns@gmail.com! I’d love to run with you guys.

It costs between $30-$35 depending on when you register, and there’s a puppy scramble as well that’s free for kids 6 and under.

I can’t wait!


1. I’m starting my first swimming lesson on Monday. I’m kind of nervous. I only barely know how to swim and although I’ve never been afraid of the water I’ve never in my life had any lessons of any kind (besides school), so I have no idea what to expect. But I have to get to a triathlon somehow, so here goes!

2. I’m currently carrying a 100% mark in biochemistry, which is completely amazing to me. I’ve never had a mark so high this far into classes, and I’m starting to realize that my strength in science is playing an important role in my understanding of exercise and nutrition. And I guess it doesn’t hurt my blogging either.

That’s it for now!