Welcome to Fall!

I know many are still lamenting the passing of summer, but fall is a runner’s dream come true. The weather is perfect. The scenery is gorgeous. And all the major races are taking place.

This fall is exciting for me because I have my first marathon in October and I’m planning to register for swimming lessons near the end of September. I’d also like to do some apple picking this fall – something I haven’t done in years but have always loved. And one of my favourite events of the year – Halloween! I’m looking forward to the Toronto Zombie Walk and Saw VII in 3D and the Toronto International Film Festival (Midnight Madness!), as well as throwing leaves at people and carving pumpkins and making soup!

I love walking out on my balcony at dawn these days. It’s so crisp and cool and it smells like new possibilities. Fall is a time for fresh starts. New school year, new friends, new pens and notebooks. Running in the summer can feel sweaty and sluggish. But running in the fall feels like flying. It’s a time for breaking PRs.

Fall is harvest time! Everything is ripening. Fruits, veggies, grains. Food tastes fresh. It’s a time for preserving and planning ahead and preparing for winter. It’s time for reading new books and sharing ideas and long afternoon walks. It’s also a time for self-reflection. Sitting quietly and looking at the trees while sipping on hot apple cider.

Canada is known for it’s breathtaking fall foliage. Trees as far as you can see in brilliant cascades of red and orange and yellow and brown and green. It warms the soul.

I love the feeling of soft, warm clothes against your skin. And cheesy Halloween specials on TV. Costume parties. Labyrinths and mazes in corn fields overlooking apple orchards – places where you can get lost and a little scared. Haunted houses and hayrides!

Hiking. Bonfires. Cinnamon sticks. Wearing layers. Hugging and holding hands. Snuggling! Warm slippers. Soft mittens. Getting lost under huge blankets. Tying them up and wearing them like dresses around your house.

I like walking into thrift stores and trying on hideous turtlenecks just for fun. Laughing at myself in the change room like an idiot. I like hearing leaves crunch every time I take a step. Super long scarves that I can wrap around and around and around… and pumpkin pie! Mmm.

I love the anticipation for Christmas. Guessing when the first snow will fall. Walking outside in your flip flops one morning and realizing, “OMG! There’s frost!” Getting home at the end of the day and discovering you’ve had leaves in your hair for hours. I like digging into my closet and pulling out my favourite pair of jeans. Slipping them on and remembering how awesome they make my ass look.

The days get shorter so you appreciate them more. You get to watch more sunrises. And sunsets. Soups and stews simmer on the stove for hours, gradually intoxicating the air with marvelous scents.

I love the smell of fall. Clean. Fresh. Undisturbed.

Orange. Everywhere!

Yes, my friends. It’s going to be a great season.