I’m continuing my special list.

The one I started on my birthday of the 28 moments that I was thankful to be alive for. I had no idea it would take me this long, but 28 is apparently a lot of moments.

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I have three good ones today.


I didn’t get to hang out with a lot of boys growing up. Okay, ANY boys. My dad made sure of that. (Once I had a penpal from China and my dad made me stop writing to him because he was a boy.)

When I was around 17 there was a boy from church who became my dad’s special project. I’m not sure what my dad’s intention was with him, but the boy had come from a rough past and a rough family. I think my dad wanted to fix him.

This boy was exactly my age and really tall and handsome but horribly shy. I had the biggest crush on him.

One summer we rented a cottage for our family and my dad invited this boy. I knew he liked me, but he would never speak to me or even make eye contact. We were both too shy to ever be alone, so we spent the week pretending to ignore each other.

One hot afternoon my parents were busy inside the cottage and there was not much to do. So I sat out on the porch doing nothing and looking out at the water. Out of nowhere, the boy came to sit beside me. Physically, it was the closest we had been all summer.

My dad was watching us through the window. I couldn’t see him but I could feel his eyes glaring at the back of my head disapprovingly. So I said nothing and pretended like it was no big deal. But there was a vibe on the porch.

It wasn’t a nervous or awkward vibe. It was just comfortable and a little secretive. Like we both knew something that nobody else did. Like we sat on the porch like that every afternoon of our lives.

It drove my dad mad. After about 10 minutes he yelled, “Why aren’t you talking??!!”

I just laughed.


I still remember vividly my very first time going online. It was the turning point for everything. I was just never the same afterwards.

Growing up, my dad had one of those old hefty computers with floppy disks that were ACTUALLY floppy. This was back in the days of cassette tapes and questionable fashion choices. There was no Internet of course. If I wanted to load a program, I had to do it the old fashioned way by responding to the blinking green cursor and typing things like RUN and C://

Then one day I was waiting for my stepmom at her work. I saw a computer in the lounge so I went for it. But it was different than the one we had at home and I didn’t know what to do. My mom came by and opened Internet Explorer and took me to Google. She told me that I could type whatever I wanted to search in the box and when I pressed enter, information about that topic would come up.

I couldn’t believe it. INFORMATION?? Just like that??! I was skeptical of course, because I didn’t understand how it would be possible for me to acquire information without referring to a book. But I tried it out.

When I got the first page of hits, my heart nearly stopped. What WAS this incredible device called?? A search engine. I would never forget it.

I started going nuts, typing random words and becoming progressively more amazed with each result. Interestingly, off the top of my head, the words that I search for the most were foods. I searched “milk” for example. And a few other foods that I was interested in eating.

Ten years later I am still fascinated by food. And the Internet.


My sister Elizabeth and I were easily entertained as children. We would make up games and we would laugh at stupid things that only we would find funny.

There was a Christian singer that was popular in the 80s named Sandi Patty. Nobody else on the planet found this funny, but for us it was. We lived in Jane/Finch and the only patties I was aware of at the time were the Jamaican beef patties. As in the patties that you buy for 50 cents and eat for lunch because you can’t afford anything else.

Sandi Patty made me think of a patty that had fallen on the floor. And was therefore sandy.

Whenever I heard the name Sandi Patty I would laugh uncontrollably. I don’t know why. I can’t really explain it other than the image of a sandy beef patty on the ground was for some reason hilarious to me.

For years – and I literally mean YEARS after that – my sister would say “Sandi Patty” at random, inappropriate times. I would ALWAYS burst out laughing.

Like I said, I can’t explain it. I have no idea why I’m laughing right now.