This is my last weekend of summer.

Next week I’m back at work and on Thursday my classes start. I didn’t get everything done that I was hoping to do over the summer, but I did a lot. I also got in some quality down time and some good beach days. I ran the farthest I’ve ever gone, and I feel confident about the marathon. So I have no complaints. It was a great summer.

Back to school season for me is like my new years. It’s a time for reflection and resolutions and planning and goal setting. By the time winter hits, I like to have a major project in mind and a definite plan of where my training is going. Winter for me is a time of incubation and training so that by the time spring and summer arrive, I’m faster and stronger and ready to race.

So with that in mind, I sat down this morning and assessed where I am at every major point in my life, and where I would like to go in the next year. I made a list.


By this time next year I should officially be a nutritionist. I’m excited to graduate and start working with clients full time. The clients I have now are great, and the work is interesting but slower than I thought. I think this is because I’m just beginning and I’m always having to go back over my notes to check and double check things.

It’s been a great learning experience and I know I’m going over and beyond what is required by my school, but I also know that when I graduate and start working with paying clients, the transition for me will be easier since I’ve already been treating the people I work with like real clients as opposed to just assignments.

I also got a job offer through someone I met on this blog, which I could begin as soon as I graduate. That pretty much takes all the stress out of leaving school.


After my marathon in the fall, I will be taking on another project. I want to continue to run marathons and I will train for another one next year, but over the winter I would like to get into a pool as well as other types of cross training in addition to running. I’d like to do some spin classes. And other activities that there is no time for when training for a marathon.

I’m obsessed with triathlons right now. The only real problem is – I don’t exactly know how to swim. I do swim, but I have never formally been taught and I have no endurance. So I want to look into possibly getting some lessons over the winter so that down the road I can compete in a triathlon. There’s a pool within walking distance from my house, so theoretically this should work.


Having kids should fit in here somewhere. It’s just one point, but it’s definitely enough! It would be the beginning of a whole new stage of life for me, with obvious compromises in the other two categories. But I’ll be excited when that time comes.

So overall it looks like I’ll be much busier in the fall until around Christmas. But everything is looking bright and exciting and I’m pleased with my progress so far.

I plan to spend these last few days the same way I began my summer: running and reading. And like a proper nerd I’m also actually looking forward to going back to school next week.