I’ve got it all figured out!

I spent a lot of time speaking with my trainers and we have made some modifications to my marathon training plan that will give me some extra time this summer without compromising my goals.

I’m so fortunate to have knowledgeable and professional people on my team to help me through these moments of panic. And I’m so lucky to have a personalized marathon plan that is specific to my needs and schedule, even as they fluctuate.

I’m learning so much about training for a marathon. When I first started running, I thought that marathon training consisted of covering very long distances over and over again. Now I understand that once you know you can cover a certain distance, there is no real physical benefit of repeating that distance continuously. Slow paced, long distance running will burn fat, but it isn’t going to increase your speed. It won’t increase your blood volume. It won’t lower your resting heart rate. It won’t make your breathing any more efficient.

It is more during the other aspects of training (like interval and hill training) where you really learn to become a better runner. Interval training is less time consuming than the long runs, which is great news for me this summer. And my performance won’t suffer.

I am at a point now where I know I can run steady for a long period of time. I can keep my breathing steady and a steady heart rate. So now by including more interval and hill training into my marathon plan, I have the opportunity to learn to run faster. I can also have some fun playing with a variety of different workouts and pushing myself in different ways.

There is a quote that says:

The definition of insanity: To keep doing the same things and expect different results.

Marathoners may be crazy but I’m not insane. I’m very excited about these changes, and I have my motivation back!

As a bonus, the modifications to my training schedule were enough that I don’t feel I need to make any changes to my regular blog posts. You can stop holding your breath now.