I have a story from a special lady.

This is someone who has inspired me greatly over the past few weeks. After completely turning her life around with an enormous weight loss and lifestyle change, she is nothing short of amazing. Physically, she does things that I personally do not even feel capable of.

Cathy’s before and after pictures are mind blowing:


I was 44 yrs old and 300 lbs. I had high blood pressure and was depressed, sitting in a wheelchair waiting for knee replacements.

Seven months after I had my knees worked on, I went for a physical and my doctor told me that I had Type II Diabetes. She gave me three months to make changes, otherwise she said I would have to go on more medications.

I was done. I didn’t want to do that. I was tired of living to die. I had eight grandchildren that deserved a healthy grandma and damn it I was going to change!

I took those three months and changed everything. It was hard at first. I joined a gym because I knew I needed help. I went from hobbling into that gym with a cane to running to the gym two years later.

Today I am 152 pounds. No high blood pressure. No diabetes. No depression. And – no meds except for a sleep pill I take for a sleep disorder. I am supposed to have limitations because of the new knees, but I haven’t found them yet!

Anything is possible if you have a dream. Dream big and keep trying! You never know what you can accomplish. The human body is very forgiving and quite capable of healing itself.

As hard as the past two years have been, I could not have made it this far in my journey without having the trainer I have. Her name is Cindy Sesak and she has done so much for me. I give her a lot of the credit for getting me as far as she has. There were times she went beyond being a trainer. The difference Cindy has made in my life is incredible. Her knowledge and emotional and physical support helped me to realize that I can do and I can dream big!

Without her, I would not be running.


This year Cathy is planning to participate in a 100-mile charity bike ride. That’s right – 100 MILES! I can barely get my head around that.

She is also currently involved in the X-Weighted Canadian Challenge. They did a motivational spotlight on her a while ago that you can read here.

I think about Cathy a lot. She’s run the same distances that I have – and then some! Her zest for life is contagious and I wish her all the best in every one of her fitness goals.