I’m back!

As promised, I’m ready to proceed with my running goals today and I’m excited about the future.

I thought this would be the perfect time to reevaluate my plans and set the pace for my goals going forward.

I decided to go ahead with my marathon. So I will be running my first one in October.

I don’t have a goal for my marathon right now except to finish it. Since it will be my first one, I think the experience of just completing one will be challenge enough. I plan to run it as best I can, and then use the experience to set additional goals going forward. After my full marathon I will go back and re-race another half, aiming for 1:45.

This summer I want to do some shorter races. I haven’t raced a 5 or a 10k in over a year, and I miss the experience. I find the shorter distances to be a lot more fun and easier on the spectators. Plus I’m curious to see how much I’ve improved.

My next race will be a 5k the first week of June. I chose a race called the Campaign of Hope specifically because of my experience with it last year.

This is a very low profile race. It’s at a local park and it’s very small. There are no road closures. No race kit pickup. No expos. No t-shirts. No medals. No bragging rights and no glory. It isn’t even timed so there are no stats. As you can imagine, it’s also a much cheaper registration fee.

I like all these aspects because I feel that it does a great job at isolating the runners who really just run for the love of it. They tend to come in two extremes – the ones that are just starting out and have never raced before, and the pros who just see it as a fun morning stroll in the park and finish in 15-20 mins.

I love the informal atmosphere – how everyone just kind of meets at a picnic table and the way that they write your name on one of those standardized certificates so you have something to take home. It’s cute.

I also like the route, which is hilly and ends with one fairly steep hill. That hill killed me last year, so I’m looking forward to facing it again, and destroying it this time.

I’m also looking forward to getting back into blogging about training and nutrition. I’ve been learning a lot over these past few race-obsessed days, and my brain is starting to back up with info that I want to share.

I’ve also been inspired by a few things lately that I feel are worth passing along. And I haven’t yet gotten to May’s giveaway yet! It’s going to be a special one since it’s my birthmonth.

In general, lots to look forward to! Add me on Twitter or Facebook (links on the left) if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out. You can also subscribe to this blog (top left corner of this page above my tweets) and get my posts sent directly to your email.

Many thanks to those who are already following me. It kind of feels like an extended family and if it weren’t for you I’d still be sulking about my race.

** GROUP HUG!! **