I KILLED my Fit Test today!

I forced my trainer to give me copies of my results so I can carry them around and show anyone willing to talk to me.

First she put me through a body composition analyzer that prints out all these great stats. Everything I did today was compared to my results ten weeks ago.

Since then I have:

  • Lost FIVE pounds of fat. I’ve noticed it mostly in my belly and bum and thighs.
  • Gained SEVEN pounds of muscle. (What??!!) I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking more like three. I feel new muscle on my legs and core and bum and arms.
  • Restored my hydration levels. When I started I was registering as dehydrated. I’ve started drinking more water since then, but not much more. However, I have dramatically increased my fresh fruit and vegetable intake (many are mostly water), so that has really made a difference.

And now the hard numbers!


1. Pushups

10 weeks ago I did 15.

Today I did 45.

No breaks. No slowing down. Until I literally collapsed.

2. Narrow Pushups

These are much harder than regular pushups. It’s a pushup with your arms on each side of your chest like this:

Ten weeks ago I did 8 on my knees.

Today I did 16 regular ones and another 16 on my knees.

3. Squats

Ten weeks ago I did 20 with just my body weight.

Today I did 40 with 95lbs on my shoulders. This one wasn’t to failure because I was hogging all the good weights and people were forming a line waiting for me to finish and my trainer said we had to stop. Woo!

4. Lunges

Ten weeks ago I did 16 carrying 25lbs.

Today I did 40 carrying 80lbs. I did this one until I started losing my balance.

5. Situps

Ten weeks ago I did 18.

Today I did 70.

6. Hyper extensions

This is a lower back exercise that looks like this. So you are lifting and lowering yourself on the machine using your core.

Ten weeks ago I did 20.

Today I did 50.

7. Mousetrap

This is an ab exercise. You start by lying on your back and then you snap your legs and arms up together like a human mouse trap. I wanted to take a picture of this one but I literally cannot do ONE more mousetrap right now.

Ten weeks ago I did 10.

Today I did 40.


My trainer said my biggest improvements were in the areas that would directly improve my running: legs and core.

The fact that I can do all those squats/lunges with so much weight with perfect form is a big deal as far as protecting my knees over longer runs. Ten weeks ago my knees would start to shake and roll out slightly. Now they’re much more supported by the muscles in my legs. I never feel them at all and they’re always straight.

As far as my core, I followed my own advice but never dreamed the improvements would be this drastic. I started doing extra core exercises when I noticed that I had a tendency to let my back sag when lifting weights. It wasn’t the arms in my muscles that were tired – it was my core.

Here are some ab shots from earlier today:


I’m excited to do another post on barefoot running soon! I also have an interesting story to share that has helped me with my plyometrics.

AND I have some great news! But it’s a surprise. It involves the addition of someone new to my team and a great opportunity for my readers. More on that soon!